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What are TikTok's Secret Emojis and How to Use them?

Social media platforms love planting Easter eggs for users to find, and TikTok’s hidden gems are TikTok Emojis. Whether the comment is sarcastic, funny, or serious and witty, emojis are a great way to add a personal touch to comments. Finding the right one can be challenging with various emojis available. Despite that, people still want to use different emojis to be distinctive.

TikTok is a video-sharing platform that doubles up as a social media app. Users will often start conversations in the comments, showing their support or offering a different opinion. User comments are essential to both content creators and users. For content creators, it ranks them higher for engagement. Users on the other hand sometimes want engagement for their remarks. In that case, it would be best for the user’s comment to stand out. A simple way to do this is with emojis.

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When commenting on a TikTok, it’s easy to use the phone’s native emojis to express feelings towards the video. While there are many great emojis available, there is another emoji list called TikTok Emojis. Emojis like these are a bit harder to find, but they’re well worth the effort. They come with cute designs, such as exaggerated and customized versions of standard emojis. Then there are also the marshmallow designs for added amusement. The marshmallow emojis are unique to TikTok and feature a sweet appearance… unless using the ‘rage’ emoji or ‘evil’ emoji.

To use the obscure TikTok Emojis, start by commenting on someone’s video. Then use brackets to surround the short name for each emoji. For example, if wanting to use the emoji with dollar signs as eyes, type [greedy]. When looking for the adorable marshmallow emoji, type [cute]. After typing in the short code, the custom emoji will automatically appear. Add any other text with the comment and tap ‘Send.’ Now the TikTok emoji is out in the wild. Currently, there are 46 designs and shortcodes such as ‘funny face’ and ‘joyful’ to add an extra pop to TikTok comments.

iOS and Android users will be happy to know that the secret TikTok emojis are available for both operating systems. They look the same across all devices. There are other fun ways for users to show support for their favorite content creators. Users can send gifts like a galaxy to creators during live streams. Afterward, the creator can exchange the gifts for cash. However, those methods cost the user real money user, while the hidden TikTok Emojis are free to use.

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