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Who Is Erich Schwer Ex Girlfriend Amanda? Scandal Erupts Concerning One of the Contestants on “The Bachelorette”

Who Is Erich Schwer Ex Girlfriend Amanda? Scandal Erupts Concerning One of the Contestants on “The Bachelorette”

Erich Schwer broke up with her ex-girlfriend Amanda to compete in the nineteenth season of “The Bachelorette.” Erich’s new girlfriend is named Amanda.

Before Schwer was offered a spot on the show “The Bachelorette,” he was in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend. Amanda sends a drawn-out and detailed explanation of their relationship, along with a screenshot. The couple dated for a few months and developed a strong connection with one another during that time.

After he made the decision to be a part of the show, however, the connection that the pair shared came to an end. In addition, Schwer apologized to Amanda and sent her a letter.

In Bedminister, New Jersey, Schwer was able to achieve great success. After some time, he settled down and got a job in California. Amanda was someone who believed in him and his efforts. She made an effort to comfort him after he was laid off from his work.


Erich Schwer

Who Is Erich Schwer Ex Girlfriend Amanda?

Amanda, who was previously involved with Schwer, has discussed their past relationship in detail. In order to participate in season 19 of The Bachelorette, the show’s contestant severed his relationship with his fiancée. The tale was uploaded to the Bachelornation Scoop Instagram account so that followers can see it.

Amanda explained that after much consideration on her chapter with Erich, she had at last made the decision to be transparent with their relationship. In addition, the competitor has just now published a long overdue apology for his inappropriate behavior on his Instagram profile.

A whirlwind romance characterizes the relationship that the candidate had with his girlfriend during their dating days. The pair couldn’t get enough of each other and were completely smitten.

Amanda’s current state of happiness was the highest it had been in a long time. She felt she had finally found the guy she would spend the rest of her life with after months of amazing moments, dates, and adventures. Erich was unable to maintain employment throughout this time. As a consequence of this, she made an effort to support him through both his highs and lows.

Erich went over his preparations for the employment interviews he had scheduled. On March 10, she received a text message from her lover the morning after he had left her residence. He joked around with her and then indicated that he had something he wanted to discuss with her.

Erich revealed that he had received a call, and the caller offered him the opportunity to compete on the upcoming season of the Bachelorette. Amanda then contacted him. The things he said left her speechless.

Erich was successful in persuading her that everything was a performance. Even yet, he argued that it would only be a couple of months away from the city. Because the competitor was dissatisfied with his current field of work, he desired a fresh start and a new direction for his career.

Erich Schwer Statement In Instagram Post

Schwer has published an apology on his website in response to yet another scandal that has arisen as a result of an image that has been made public online. On his Instagram post, which featured an empty photo, he typed out the sentence. The participant posted on their board, “I want to offer my sincere apologies for the offensive photo of him dressed in blackface that was taken from my high school yearbook and has been circulating.”

The concept that Schwer had at the time was that it was a symbol of his passion for Jimi Hendrix. It was nothing but simple ignorance on their part. Erich claimed that he was oblivious to the potentially damaging effects that his activities might have on the community as well as the people who were closest to him. He will never ask for forgiveness and will never regret the hurtful and destructive acts he displayed.

Schwer disclosed that he is extremely embarrassed by his actions and continued by saying, ‘understand that my apologies is merely the first step in taking accountability.’

According to his ex-girlfriend, he reached out to her to express his regret for everything that transpired between them. There was another time when he tried to make amends with her by sending her flowers in an effort to smooth things over or defuse the tension.

Erich Schwer Controversies

Erich, from The Bachelorette, has issued an apology for bringing up the blackface photo again. In addition to this, the relationship between Schwer and Amanda was the source of many of the conflicts that occurred on the set of The Bachelorette. The former girlfriend of the prisoner recounted every aspect of Erich and her narrative to her new boyfriend.

The reality show did not sit well with Amanda at all. Erich stated that he would consider it because it presents him with the opportunity to explore new avenues. After that, she was in a position to make a decision, and she texted him, asking whether he wanted to be a part of the show. If he said yes, she would end the relationship.

After that, Amanda shed a lot of tears and grieved over the end of their relationship. After they had broken up, they texted each other and discussed how terrible it made them feel to no longer be with each other. Despite this, the young woman was aware that it was time for her to move on.

What Is The Bachelorette?

The Bachelorette’s nineteenth season will have a brand-new structure this year, which will feature two leads at the same time. During the course of a single season of the Bachelorette, Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia each had the opportunity to get to know, date, and hopefully fall in love with 32 different men.

Erich Schwer, a real estate analyst from Los Angeles, is one of the men competing for the heart of one of the contestants on “The Bachelorette.” His ABC bio, true to tradition, reveals random facts about him, such as the fact that he likes “taller ladies” (which may have been a hint about who he ended up chasing, given that Gabby is 5′ 9″) and that he “has no interest in stepping into an escape room.” However, there is more to Erich than just these very particular interesting facts. While you see his “adventure” play out on the screen, here is all the information you require regarding him.

Even though Erich keeps a low profile on social media, his Instagram and LinkedIn profiles provide a wealth of information regarding his professional life as well as his interests outside of work. It is obvious that he enjoys being outside, that he is energetic, and that he is really obsessed with dogs. Erich also has a sense of humor, judging by the fact that his Instagram handle is a pun on his name and reads “oh-for-schwer.” Because The Bachelorette’s audience knows how much Gabby enjoys a funny story, this might go a long way with her.

Erich Schwer’s Job

If Erich’s LinkedIn profile is any indicator, he appears to have a strong commitment to his work life. This could earn him “here for the right reasons” points for not attempting to play the fame game, which would be beneficial to him. After spending one year at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, it is said on his LinkedIn page that he graduated from Elon University in North Carolina with a bachelor’s degree in marketing with an emphasis in professional sales.

It should come as no surprise that one of the contestants on Bachelor Nation is a member of a fraternity; specifically, Sigma Chi. His LinkedIn page goes so far as to outline his responsibilities inside the fraternity, which include “manage all major events” and “security.”

After graduating from college, Erich moved to the West Village neighborhood of New York City and worked for a number of different energy and real estate enterprises at that time. At the moment, Erich is working in Los Angeles as an acquisition analyst for a business called Rexford Industrial. This information was condensed into his ABC bio as “real estate analyst.”

The Members of Erich Schwer’s Family

Erich grew raised in Bedminster, New Jersey. His mother’s name is Donna, and his father’s name is Al. He has a sister named Elise, who like him enjoys being physically active and spending time outside (she runs marathons).

Erich expressed how much he loves and respects his parents while he was a contestant on “The Bachelorette.” This was especially true for him after observing his mother comfort his father throughout the latter’s battle with terminal cancer. During Week 7, Erich and Gabby went on a date to his hometown, where Erich introduced Gabby to his family. The untimely passing of Erich’s father, Al, occurred only a few weeks before the airing of that episode on August 22.

Erich uploaded a picture of his father to Instagram on July 9, 2022, with the remark, “Thankful for everything you’ve done for me. Big AL, you are going to be sorely missed by all of us here. I love you very much dad.”

On the same day that the hometown date was broadcast on television, Erich posted a couple more touching photographs of his father on Instagram with a simple heart emoji as the caption.

Erich Schwer’s Age

Erich was born on January 7, 1993, which places him three years ahead of Rachel and two years behind Gabby in age. He is currently 29 years old. The most of the actors are in their early 20s, with the exception of Erich, who is in his 30s. Erich also possesses the Capricorn zodiac sign, which is associated with being sensitive and patient. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he lives up to the description.

Erich Schwer’s Instagram

The majority of Erich’s Instagram postings, which date all the way back to 2014, focus on various types of outdoor activities such as fishing, bicycling, and surfing. In the early days of his Instagram account, he posted a funny throwback photo to a time when he obviously used a straightener rather than enjoying the curls that were naturally occurring in his hair. He has also posted on social media since production wrapped, posting photographs taken in California’s great outdoors while sporting a mullet.

Erich Schwer’s Bachelorette Journey

Erich made a significant impression on Gabby, went on a memorable one-on-one date with her (which also included her Grandpa Joe), and eventually made it all the way to the hometown dates. Gabby confessed to Erich that she was falling in love with him after seeing his family, confirming Erich’s position as the front-runner in this season’s competition.

The next new episode of The Bachelorette will air on ABC on Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

On March 22nd, Schwer delivered two dozen roses to Amanda’s door. Amanda thanked Schwer for the thoughtful gesture. In the note, it was said that he will never stop thinking about her no matter what. He went as far as to say that he would be going back to his house in Los Angeles and asked if they could discuss it after he got back there.

The following morning, Amanda made the decision to see him and texted him her response. In spite of this, she was aware that he had returned and gone to shoot his show. After he filmed back, she experienced another bout of heartbreak. On July 10, Erich expressed his regrets to his ex-girlfriend and expressed his sorrow for the pain that he had caused her.


Erich Schwer
Erich Schwer

Are Erich Schwer And Gabby Windey Still Together?

According to a number of spoilers found on the internet, the answer is yes, Gabby Windey and Erich are still together after the events of the series.

The information that Gabby and Erich are still together was revealed by the spoiler guru. During the episode that focused on fantasy week, Gabby expressed her annoyance with Erich due to his uncertainties. Throughout the entirety of the show, the couple maintained a strong connection with one another.

In the conclusion, Erich was the only eligible bachelor left for Gabby to date. She dispatched Johhny DePhillipo to his hometown during hometowns. During the week of Fantasy Duties and Overnight, even she ended her relationship with Jason Alabaster.

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