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Windows 11 Widgets Might Get An Upgrade, But Not What They Need

Windows 11 Widgets may become an even bigger deal in the future, as Microsoft has released a build for Windows Insiders on the Dev channel that includes a new fullscreen widgets window.

This is important because – at least in my opinion – Windows 11 Widgets are a lot less useful or customizable than they could be. The fact that Microsoft has changed the way widgets work gives me confidence that the company knows it needs to, and is willing to take the time to improve it.

Of course, since this is based on a build sent through the Dev Channel of the Windows Insider Program used to test Windows features and updates before they are rolled out to the general public, there’s no guarantee that the changes we see in this build will ever make their way to the version of Windows 11 that most people use. However, the language in Blog post (Opens in a new tab) Microsoft posted an announcement on Windows Insider Preview Build 25201 suggesting that this expanded full-screen widgets view is definitely expected to come to Windows 11 in the near future — after Microsoft has had time to test and tune it.

Here’s what the new expanded view of Windows 11 tools looks like. The buttons in the upper-right corner allow you to control the size of the Tools panel. (Image credit: Microsoft)

“We’re rolling out the expanded view of the tools. We’re starting to roll it out to a small group of developer channel insiders first, so not everyone will see it right away,” reads an excerpt from the post. “The trial is not available to all Insiders yet as we plan to monitor the comments and see how they arrive before publishing them to everyone.”

This is the big change in this version of Windows 11, but it’s not the only change. In addition to the list of minor bug fixes and improvements, Microsoft is also updating the Game Pass tool to allow you to actually sign in with your Xbox profile.

Game Pass Widget is getting a minor but much needed upgrade that will allow you to quickly get back to the latest Game Pass games played on PC. (Image credit: Microsoft)

This tool gives a little more value, as you can now log into your Xbox profile via the Xbox PC app and expect to see an auto-updating list of recently played games in the tool. You can also see the Game Pass games you played recently on PC, and back again right from the tool.

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