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Young Sheldon Season 6 Trailer: Things Get Worse For The Coopers

CBS releases the first Young Sheldon season 6 trailer, which confirms that things are going to get worse for the Coopers. TV’s #1 comedy took its mandatory summer break after the season 5 cliffhanger finale. Luckily, right on schedule, it is set to return with new episodes this fall with Young Sheldon season 6. As its release date nears, CBS has already gradually ramped up its marketing efforts for the series, offering fans an idea of what to expect when the Coopers make their small screen comeback.

Sheldon and his family went through a rough patch towards the end of Young Sheldon season 5 after Georgie revealed that he accidentally impregnated his girlfriend. This led to several other issues, including marital problems for George and Mary, and Sheldon developing a fear of the future. When Young Sheldon season 6 premieres on September 29, things are still looking grim for the Coopers.

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In the Young Sheldon season 6 trailer posted on the show’s official Instagram, each member of the Cooper family is seen adjusting to their new situation. From Georgie and Meemaw to Missy and Sheldon himself, every character seems to have their hands full in the upcoming batch of episodes. Missy even deems them to be “white trash” because of all the drama in their household. Check out the Young Sheldon season 6 trailer below:

Everything that’s shown in the Young Sheldon trailer is likely going to be included in the premiere based on what’s known about the episode. That includes Georgie and Meemaw’s prison time, while Mary and the twins go to church. Interestingly, however, there was an assumption that Sheldon would be the reason for them getting thrown out of the church, but as it turns out, it will be Mary who is causing a scene. Another surprising element from the Young Sheldon season 6 trailer is the heartwarming conversation between Georgie and George — something that fans rarely see in The Big Bang Theory prequel.

Based on this new footage, it seems like CBS will further lean into the idea that Young Sheldon is a family comedy, veering away from a sitcom set-up like The Big Bang Theory. Although a significant amount of time will still be devoted to developing Sheldon’s personal arc – since he is still the series’ lead star – expect the rest of the Coopers to also receive special focus, especially Missy as she emerges as a fan-favorite. Aside from that, it’s also safe to say that the show will actively set up George’s cheating scandal, leading to his death. In other words, Young Sheldon season 6 could be the show’s most jam-packed one yet.

Young Sheldon season 6 premieres Thursday, September 29 on CBS.

Source: Young Sheldon/Instagram

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