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3 Giants QBs Need To Recruit To Get Out Of Daniel Jones’ Purgatory

C.J. Stroud, Ohio State Buckeyes. (Photo by Harry He/Getty Images)

If the New York Giants decide to move on from Daniel Jones this season, there are three quarterbacks they should recruit to replace him.

The New York Giants brought in a new system of Buffalo bills. Owner Jon Mara hired Joe Schoen as the new general manager, then appointed Brian Dabol to be their head coach. With any new system, they like to bring in their players. The duo Schwinn and Dabol didn’t quite have that luxury, being left with minimal cover space due to the spending of former General Manager Dave Gittleman. So, they had to make some wise moves in off last season.

Even with the new system, Daniel Jones remained the team’s primary quarterback. He has played relatively well in Daboll’s system and offensive coordinator Mike Kafka, playing with his two legs and not running the ball much.

The thing with Jones is that he’s set to become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season, due to the fact that his fifth year option has been turned down. The giants have the option of franchising Jones, but it will come at a hefty price. Of course, there is also the option to negotiate a new contract with him.

But what if the Schoen-Daboll system decides they want to move on from Jones and target the quarterback for their next NFL draft? Well, there are three possibilities they should target.

3 Quarterback Players The Giants Should Target In The NFL Draft To Replace Daniel Jones

CJ Stroud, Ohio

The clear choice It’s for the Giants to pick Ohio State’s CJ Stroud, who could be the first quarterback to come off the board in the 2023 NFL Draft coming this April.

Stroud has set ridiculous video game-like numbers this season for the Buckeyes. He has completed 71.3 percent of his passes for 2,377 yards, 29 touchdowns, and four interceptions in eight games this season.

While it certainly helps that Stroud be a part of Ohio State’s stack offensive targeting the likes of Marvin Harrison Jr. Emeka Egbuka and Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Stroud has an amazing talent for making plays. He has amazing accuracy, can extend play with his legs, and complete passes through incredibly narrow windows.

Given that the Giants have had six wins in the year, they likely won’t be in the top five on the draft board. Stroud will be off the board before they get to the sixth-placed team. If the Giants are convinced he’s the midfield for them, they’ll have to trade to pick him.

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