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3 Packers trade and moves that could save Green Bay season

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. (Gregory Fisher-USA Today Sports)

After losing 27-17 to the Buffalo Bills, the Green Bay Packers took a 3-5 record and their playoff hopes dwindled. It’s time for them to take a big step to save their season.

Things look simply awful for packers right now. Although they entered the season where they were considered contenders, they were not. Their 3-5 record shows they are in dire need of making a big move, and with the trade deadline on Tuesday (November 1), it is now or never GM’s time for Brian Gutkunst to finish something.

Rumors swirled that the packages would be aiming to add a wide receiver to their roster by the deadline, and that’s totally understandable. Their attack was pretty weak in this campaign, and Pro Bowler Davante Adams losing five times is a big reason behind that. So, expect the Green Bay to take a trip in WR from here.

Let’s look at some potential targets.

Packers: 3 deals and moves to take to save the season

3. Trade packages for Jerry Goody

The Denver Bronco’s wide receiver Jerry Jeudy is among the most popular today In the rumor mill. The 23-year-old is going through the best season of his young career, scoring three touchdowns, 30 receptions, and 449 yards. His play has also improved over the past few weeks, adding to his value. Considering the fact that it will be more than just rent, Green Bay should definitely pay him.

Jeudy has a tremendous amount of potential, and joining forces with a franchise-level talent like Rodgers could help him take the next step. Keep in mind he was a first-round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, so there is some expectation that he could turn out to be a star with the right quarterback. Joining the Packers is probably the best thing for him and the organization.

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