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3D Yu-Gi-Oh Battles Made A Reality By Streamer, & They Look Incredible

A talented streamer has just recreated the visually-stunning 3D monster battles regularly featured in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime and video games, and the results are incredible. While the Yu-Gi-Oh! series is largely centered around a tabletop card game, shows and video games like the four-player Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel have brought the creatures on the cards to life using futuristic holographic projectors. This interesting premise has remained just out of reach of real-world Yu-Gi-Oh! players though – until now.

Earlier today, Twitter user Jake Lucky shared an impressive video from a French YouTube streamer named SuperZouloux that features a real-life recreation of the holographic monsters that characters summon in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. In his video, SuperZouloux explains that as a child, he would try to summon Yu-Gi-Oh! monsters from his cards and was disappointed when they failed to emerge as they did in the show and video games like the Steam-topping Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel. As a result, he set out to create these 3D holograms as a secret project and came across a major breakthrough after watching a video from a Yu-Gi-Oh! fan that built an augmented reality app that could be used to play Speed Duels.

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SuperZouloux decided to use the techniques shown in this fan-made Yu-Gi-Oh! app to create a holographic display that would work during livestreams. Further inspired by the holograms used by French rapper Orelsan in concerts, SuperZouloux was eventually able to do this and demonstrated his new invention by summoning a fearsome Blue-Eyes White Dragon in his most recent YouTube video. He explains that he rigged a play mat to recognize every Yu-Gi-Oh! card in his deck, which results in a 3D model of the monster in question being displayed through augmented reality. Each Yu-Gi-Oh! monster even has designated summon and attack animations for use during a livestream duel. He notes that this mat also makes livestreaming duels much easier, as the screen can display each card played for viewers to follow along with each move. All of this is automatic, meaning that SuperZouloux and his friends can focus on their due while their fans watch in amazement at the holographic visuals on display.

SuperZouloux’s latest Yu-Gi-Oh! feat is certainly breathtaking, as it brings fans one step closer to being able to recreate the pulse-pounding monster battles shown in the various Yu-Gi-Oh! video games and anime. Even more impressive is that SuperZouloux went to the trouble of painstakingly programming each of his Yu-Gi-Oh! cards to be recognized by the mat, as well as the fact that the entire process allows him to automatically switch to the most dynamic view of the action in real-time.

This awe-inspiring Yu-Gi-Oh! technology is still a passion project at this point, but it has come together beautifully to bring one of the franchise’s most fantastical elements into the real world. Now Yu-Gi-Oh fans who tune into SuperZouloux’s live-streamed duels can experience an augmented reality battle seemingly pulled from some of the long-running Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise’s most beloved games and shows.

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Source: SuperZouloux/YouTube, Jake Lucky/Twitter

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