A Lot Of The Comedy Skits We Watch Online Are Basically Objectifying Women- Fr Kelvin Ugwu.

Fr Kelvin Ugwu, a Nigerian Catholic priest, has taken to his official Facebook platform to write down down in regards to the nature of the comedy skits that Nigerian skit makers publish and the best way it impacts society.

In his put up, the priest made it clear that a number of the comedy skits we watch on-line are objectifying women, and a number of the skits are each about massive breasts or massive buttocks, citing that it was music films that present such an image, nevertheless the comedy films have taken over.

More so, he moreover well-known that although these films are purported to make us chuckle, it stays unrestricted, and as we watch them, it sinks into our memory and instantly or circuitously affect us.

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Finally, the priest urged Nigerians to be concerned that girls in the meanwhile are being priced based on the sizes of their buttocks along with their breasts, and these are objectification, and quite a lot of it’s coming from comedy skits.

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