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A young woman watched her boyfriend die on FaceTime when he fell into the Thames

TRagdi has infected a young couple in London. James EastThe 25-year-old fell into the Thames after accidentally falling and hitting his head.

The boy was celebrating his sister-in-law’s birthday when everything happened and his girlfriend watched the scene live with the camera, Arabella Ashfieldwho was talking to him on FaceTime at the time.

A conversation that ended in tragedy

The events occurred in September when mosques And the Arabella They were in Kingston to celebrate with her sister and some friends.

At one point, he walked away to get some air and that’s when James and Arabella started a video call.

The couple was conversing, allegedly, Arabella She was asking her boyfriend to join her and take a taxi.

The conversation was normal, but soon tragedy struck. mosques He wanted to climb a fenced area when he fell backwards and hit his head and ended up in the Thames in an area where a boa constrictor was also found in August.

Apparently it took 50 minutes from the time he fell before emergency services could pull him out of the water.

However, there was nothing they could do to revive him, as the autopsy revealed that he died before entering the water as a result of severe shock.

James East, life ended too soon

According to the Daily Mail, James East He lived in London, although he was a native of Swansea (Wales), and studied at the prestigious London School of Economics.

Just six weeks ago, he was able to take an important step in his career, securing a job as a business development executive.

The incident was reported by Kingston Police to the South Wales authorities, who relayed the horrific news to mosquesrelatives.


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