APGA guber candidate proposes steps to stem the tide of growing insecurity

fc frank nweke jnr x

From Geoffrey Anyanwu, Enugu

The governorship candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Frank Nweke Jr, has offered the Enugu state government advice on possible actions to take to end the growing insecurity in the state.

Nweke who noted that the security crisis in the state has been getting worse at an alarming rate said it was time resolute steps were taken to address the situation.

He proposed six key steps that the government should take immediately to guarantee the safety of Enugu residents to include summoning or directing local government authorities to convene a meeting of the traditional rulers, presidents and leaders of town unions and the local vigilante groups for the purpose of partnering with them and the security agencies for improved intelligence gathering.

The APGA guber candidate urged the government to “Immediately expand support for the statutory security agencies for improved strategic, tactical, and combat operations. Provide them with transportation, communication and other equipment needed to apprehend these bandits and kidnappers.

“Acquire and deploy geo-tracking devices, aerial force and drone technology for improved surveillance in these forest areas. We must do all that is necessary to secure the lives of our citizens.

“Engage and partner with Federal Authorities to deploy more human and material resources to the State while ensuring clear reporting, accountability and a close working relationship.”

Furthermore, Nweke asked the government to “Set up a situation room in partnership with the security services for 24-hour monitoring of the security situation and similarly deploy special hotlines through which the public can share intelligence and relevant information for quick action.

“Provide advisories, relevant information and updates to reassure the public of ongoing efforts of the government to bring the situation under control and restore normalcy.”

He said that the key steps must be taken to rescue the victims and preempt further deterioration of the security situation in the state.

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