Art gallery showcases celebrated artists’ works

O’DA Art Gallery has commenced the exhibition of artworks produced by two artists, Olu Amoda and Kelani Abass, in its Lagos gallery.

The exhibition of the works, tagged “The Ascendancy of Machine”, runs from October 29 to November 19, according to the management.

The gallery stated that the world had evolved in its modes of creation, dissemination of information and social engagement.

“The exhibition is an art conversation of sorts between the two award-winning artists. The artists and their works are phenomenal. O’DA is proud to be holding the art show and excited to be working with the two artists,” the exhibition curator, Sunshine Alaibe, said on Saturday.

“Both artists take art lovers and collectors on a journey into the influence of modern technology that has paved the way for multi-functional practices that ultimately make life easier for the masses.

Olu Amoda
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Abass kelani

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“With ‘The Ascendancy of Machine’, both artists are calling for a shift in ideals, focusing primarily on encouraging a more progressive and forward-thinking environment,” it said.

Amoda, a United State-based sculptor and multimedia artist, is best known for using repurposed materials found from the detritus of consumer culture.

In the exhibition, his works often incorporate rusty nails, metal plates, bolts, pipes, and rods that are welded together to create figures, animals, flora and ambiguous forms.

Abass, a multiple award-winning painter, uses mixed media in this exhibition to highlight his thematic preoccupation, “Man and Machine.”

“I’m calling on our leaders and the society at large to brace up to global technological advancement but they should also invest in manpower or should I say labour force as well. They need to be prepared for the technological advancement that is taking place across all fields,” Abass said.

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