ATTORNEY AT LAW Concept Art Offers A Whole Range Of Alternate Takes On The Hulk’s Son Skaar

Prior to She-Hulk: Attorney at Law‘s debut on Disney+, there were rumblings that the series might feature Skaar’s MCU debut. When a Sakaarian spaceship came to Earth in the premiere, those rumours were all but confirmed, though we didn’t see The Hulk’s son until the finale. 

That came in a throwaway scene when Bruce Banner showed up at Jennifer Walters’ family barbeque with Skaar in tow. Wil Deusner (Stargirl) played the character, but never spoke (meaning there’s a chance he’ll eventually be swapped out for a bigger name, similar to what happened with Cassie Lang after Avengers: Endgame). 

Fans didn’t exactly love the design, and there’s since been quite a vocal backlash. However, some concept art shared by Constantine Sekeris reveals we came pretty close to getting a far more formidable, comic-accurate take on the Jade Giant’s offspring. 

There’s also the “emo” Skaar spotted in some recent storyboards, along with one who looks like he’s been in his fair share of battles back on his home planet. Why Marvel Studios went for the version we got in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is hard to say, though we do look forward to the character’s continued development in The Multiverse Saga and beyond. 

The MCU’s take on the Planet Hulk storyline was vastly different to what fans saw on the page, so we have no clue who the teenager’s (?) mother is or how he feels to be by his father’s side on an alien planet. 

It doesn’t look like they’ll have the same combative relationship as when they first met in the comics, anyway, and The Hulk is now the latest original Avenger to acquire a sidekick.

Check out this new She-Hulk: Attorney at Law concept art below, along with details from Sekeris on his approach to each design. 

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