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Barbarian Fans Argue Grossest Scene Happens Much Earlier in Movie

Warning: This article contains spoilers for BarbarianFans have taken to social media to share how grossed-out they were by a surprising early scene in Barbarian. The first horror film from comedy actor and director Zach Cregger, Barbarian debuted at #1 when it opened in theaters on September 9. The film follows a young woman named Tess (Georgina Campbell) who discovers that her Detroit Airbnb is already occupied by Keith (Bill Skarsgård), before realizing that the true danger of the situation is the house’s creepy maze of basement hallways, where an inbred killer known only as The Mother lurks.

Although Barbarian approaches its horror in many different ways, one of the most effective things it accomplishes in its runtime lies within several moments of pure gross-out horror. The scene that most fans agree is the grossest is the moment where Justin Long’s character AJ – who arrives later – learns exactly what it going on after being trapped in a pit in the basement with Tess. The Mother then arrives and attempts to feed them both with a baby bottle, making Barbarian viewers squirm when they notice that the tip of the bottle is covered in hairs.

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Even in light of that baby bottle scene, many fans have taken to Twitter to denounce a much earlier scene as the grossest in the movie. Many have pointed out a shot of Keith’s electric toothbrush charging on the floor of the bathroom as the purest nightmare fuel in the film. Germophobes everywhere have been denouncing the moment as disgusting and bizarre, which may have come as a surprise to the creators of Barbarian but certainly serves the overall horrifying atmosphere of the film.

Although this fact is largely obscured by how big the horror gets in acts 2 and 3, the beginning of Barbarian is packed with horror beyond just the moment with the toothbrush. From the very moment that Tess steps through the door of the Airbnb, tension fills the air. While the terror of the opening sequence is more mundane, the cat-and-mouse game of Tess trying to figure out what Keith’s true intentions are is a chilling preamble to what the rest of the film has to offer.

The fact that every moment of the film is packed with chills in very different registers is likely one of the reasons the film has become such a buzzy success. While it seems unlikely that the filmmakers included the toothbrush moment as an intentional gross-out, it’s not entirely out of the question, considering how effectively scary Barbarian is for many audiences. Cregger worked to pack in as much horror as possible into the film, so it would be interesting to hear from him about the thought behind that particular detail.

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