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Batman's Justice League Contingency Plan Has One Giant Loophole

Warning: SPOILERS for Batman #128

It seems that Batman’s plans to defeat the Justice League have a glaring oversight. In a preview for Batman #128, one Leaguer surprisingly manages to get the drop on Bruce Wayne’s ultimate contingency device, Failsafe.

If there’s one thing the Dark Knight is known for, it’s his uncanny ability to prepare for any situation. The man is a legend for his tendency to account for any particular scenarios, no matter how improbable some may be. Most notably, Batman has developed a series of contingency plans to deal with his allies in the hero community should they turn rogue. JLA’s “Tower of Babel” storyline showed just how well Bruce had prepared for the worst case scenarios by having his plans fall into enemy hands and actually implemented against the League. Though the team was able to recover from the event, it was clear Batman had thought of every possible outcome.

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However, a preview for Batman #128 by Chip Zdarsky and Jorge Jiménez shows that one hero may have slipped through the cracks. The preview begins with Superman showing up to save Batman from Failsafe, the robotic drone Bruce had created as a contingency for himself. Leaping into action to save Batman, Superman fights the villain Failsafe, keeping his distance in order to stay safe. Unfortunately, the Man of Steel falls for a trick from Failsafe and is punctured by a kryptonite spear. However, just when all seems lost, an arrow flies into the neck of Failsafe, delivered by none other than the Emerald Archer himself, Green Arrow. Oliver Queen’s sneak attack provides the opening the Justice League needs to lanch a full-scale assault on the automaton, with Martian Manhunter flying in with an assist as Black Canary and Hawkgirl fall in to join their teammates.

Despite the robotic menace having the perfect plan to beat Superman, it seemed quite surprised by the actions of Green Arrow. Throughout this arc, Failsafe has shown to be just as adept as Batman at disarming his allies as Bruce is. Yet somehow, Green Arrow is one of the first heroes who’s been able to get the drop on Failsafe in a way that Superman hadn’t managed to. How exactly is a man with a bow and arrow able to accomplish something that troubled DC’s top powerhouse?

When Batman created his original plans in the “Tower of Babel” storyline, he made sure that he’d be able to stop the Justice League’s most powerful members. Green Lantern, Flash, and Wonder Woman all had creative plans to stop them in their tracks, but one hero Batman never bothered making a plan for was Green Arrow. Granted, it might not be that hard for Bruce to come up with a countermeasure for Oliver, but that underestimation may be key to Queen’s edge against Bruce’s creation. If Batman doesn’t think that a Green Arrow defense is necessary, that makes the archer the perfect person to help the Justice League take down Failsafe.

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