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Bayonetta 3: Every New Gun, Ranked From Worst To Best

Bayonetta 3 was just released on October 28th, and fans are excited to jump back into the beloved action franchise to see what’s new and what’s remained the same. The game was announced back in December 2019, and it has been a long three-year wait for fans to finally get their hands on the game. While there is a lot to explore in-game, not everyone has the time to test and find every weapon before deciding which ones are the best to use.

While there are a lot of new and exciting additions in the game, the weapons that players can choose and play with are one of the biggest changes.

G-Pillar is one of the most noticeable new weapons in Bayonetta 3 due to its massive size. It is given to the players by Rodin after finishing a story mission in Chapter 2 that involves summing the Gates of Hell. Gomorrah is the infernal demon attached to the weapon, and players can perform medium-range attacks which have purple energy around them.

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G-Pillar is like two weapons combined into one; it is a dual club that also acts as a high-caliber rifle. Along with “Charge Modifier” and “Demon Masquerade,” the weapon is also charged with “Twin Scorcher,” which deals a lot of damage within an arc, and “Super Demonium Ray,” which is a long-range concentrated attack that deals massive damage, although it can also be fired in a single direction. Gomorrah has sharp claws and scaly armor when she fuses with Bayonetta.

Colour My World is one of the first weapons that players can unlock by completing the prologue. Madama Butterfly is the infernal demon attached to the weapons which allow Bayonetta, one of the most powerful witches in the game, to dance around during combat. It is a set of four handguns that are replacing Love is Blue and Scarborough from the previous games.

One of the biggest changes from the previous games is that Colour My World is a complete set within itself and does not work in tandem with other weapons. Some of the new features include “Charge Bullet” and “Demon Masquerade,” which let players charge the next attack that will have a purple explosion on impact and call upon Madama Butterfly while doing finisher moves. The weapons also have “Bullet Climax” and “Charge Modifier” abilities, which are similar to Love is Blue and Scarborough Fair from the previous games.

The Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo can be found after finishing Chapter 3 and is a great choice of weapon for medium to long-range damage. Phantasmaranae is the infernal demon attached that turns Bayonetta into a giant humanoid spider during “Demon Masquerade,” which gives her the ability to attack using her giant sharp legs and tail.

Bayonetta roller skates while equipped with this weapon and deals multiple hits with every impact, and it shoots out webs when fired. Some of the abilities of the weapon also include “Flying Saucer,” which turns the spider companion into a yo-yo and deals damage within the attack arc. “Heaving Or Hell” also converts the spider companion into a bomb which deals a lot of damage within the explosion radius.

Simoon is a great weapon for short to medium-range attacks and can be unlocked after finishing Chapter 9. Malphas is the infernal demon attached to the weapon that turns Bayonetta into a giant bird during “Demon Masquerade,” during which she can fly around the battlefield and deal damage using her talons.

Simoon can be used for dealing damage using blades of wind for long range and perform quick slices in short range. This weapon is quite quick and is perfect for maintaining distance from enemies during attacks. Other abilities include “Khanjar,” which is a fast charge toward the enemies that returns Bayonetta to the position after the attack, and “Tempest,” which summons a tornado that can blow away enemies, making it perfect for pressure situations.

Dead End Express is unlocked after finishing Chapter 6 and is a great weapon for long-range damage. One thing to note is that this weapon is not as good for dealing short-range damage. Players can swing this weapon in large arcs, which slice up enemies all around them, with colored flames following each attack.

During “Demon Masquerade,” Bayonetta, one of the best female protagonists in video games, turns into a small train and runs over the enemies, which also leaves purple fire behind it. The other ability includes “Charge Modifier,” which increases the damage, turning the weapon red-hot. Wartrain Gouon is the infernal demon attached to the weapon.

Ribbit Libido-BZ55 is another great weapon choice for dealing long-range damage and keeping the enemies at a distance. It also matches her diva-like personality because it looks like a large microphone but acts more like a spear. Bayonetta can swing the weapon horizontally and vertically and can also thrust it into the enemies in front of her. The weapon also fired vocal projectiles as a long-range attack.

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Players can unlock this weapon after finishing Chapter 9, and Baal is the infernal demon attached to it. The weapon abilities include “A Capella” and “Masquerade Rage,” both using vocal abilities to deal damage to enemies in front of her. “Brisés Volé” lets Bayonetta merge with Baal and perform backflips during an attack, while “Demon Masquerade” turns her into a giant toad that uses its tongue like a whip.

Bayonetta 3 was one of the most anticipated video game sequels in 2022. Cruel Altea is unlocked after finishing the main story in the game and is a great multiple-range weapon. Labolas is the infernal demon attached and turns Bayonetta into a humanoid top crystal creature that fights enemies by shooting ice shards during “Demon Masquerade.” During normal attacks, Bayonetta throws punches and burns down enemies using blue flames.

Other abilities include “Quad Gatling” and “Maneuver Crescent,” the former allowing for punch combos, and the latter fuses with Labolas and shoots ice shards through a long horizontal line, covering almost the entire battlefield.

Abracadabra is one of the best-range weapons in the game, as it literally summons demons using magic. Players can unlock this weapon after finishing Chapter 12, and Mictlantecuhtli is the infernal demon attached to it. The weapon includes a wand that is called Cadabra and a hat that is named Abra. Most of the attacks using this weapon perform best when used at range, for example calling electric bats to attack an enemy.

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During “Demon Masquerade,” Bayonetta turns into a large bate with the top and bottom half separated, both parts attacking one after another using lunges. “Shuffle” also turns Bayonetta into a swarm of bats, while “Storm Stinger” uses a large laser beam to target specific enemies; this deals a lot of damage but can take a few seconds to charge.

Tartarus can be unlocked after finishing Chapter 11 and uses the Umbran Clock Tower as the infernal demon. Tartarus can be used as a Gatling gun along with spiked gauntlets. “Chain Of Megaera” lets players merge with the demon and release a spiked ball as Bayonetta goes up in the sky, which takes enemies with her.

“Emperor’s Dread,” on the other hand, sends a shockwave as Bayonetta stomps on the ground. During “Demon Masquerade,” she turns into a marionette on strings and uses giant claws on her right hand to slash through enemies. Bayonetta 3 is one of the best story-driven games to come out this year, and players will have no problem finishing chapter 11.

Mab Dachi is the default weapon of choice for Viola, one of the playable characters in the game, and Chesire is the infernal demon attached to it. “Charge Modifier” increases damage by infusing flames with the attacks, and “Demon Slave” summons Cheshire itself to fight the enemies. One thing to note is that while summoning Cheshire, Viola can only fight using her hands.

Mod Dachi itself is a sword infested with a cat demon. Viola can use the weapon as a boomerang as well and is her way of using Witch Time.

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