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Best RHOBH Fan Reactions To Kathy Hilton Taking Down Lisa Rinna

With the most anticipated part of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 reunion now out there, fans are all over the internet discussing what unfolded. Kathy Hilton joining the group switched the dynamic, and things got a lot more serious. The reactions online have been hilarious.

Kathy’s appearance at the RHOBH reunion was highly anticipated, given the events of the season. Since the cast’s trip to Aspen, viewers have been wanting answers and more context and clarity about everything that happened. Kathy provided further context, but the discussion got ugly pretty fast, with Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne not afraid of holding back.

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Twitter user KyleO333 used a photo of Kim Richards in a “winning” pose to depict how she might feel seeing Kathy stand up for her during her argument against Lisa. In an effort to try and show Lisa how much trouble she’s caused, Kathy referenced the fact that she “drove Lisa Vanderpump off the show,” as well as Camille Grammer Meyer, and how Lisa came after Kim in Amsterdam. Fans like the Twitter user believe Kim is probably enjoying Kathy’s takedown of Lisa.

In the middle of trying to defend herself and accuse Kathy Hilton of using homophobic language toward a DJ in Aspen, Twitter user Levitainting noticed something interesting. When the other women stood up for Kathy, saying they never heard her say the word Erika claimed she did in the club, Erika insisted it was only said directly to her. The story about this apparent confrontation leaked weeks before the reunion aired, so Erika would have been the only person who could have leaked the story.

When Kathy stood up against Erika after homophobic accusations, Kathy used her status and the impact of her surname to assure Erika she doesn’t speak that way. When Erika assured Kathy she never lies, Kathy was quick to retaliate and tell Erika she’s got “a little more credibility” than her. They cut to Sutton Stracke and Garcelle Beauvais’ faces after this comment, and Twitter user gibsonoma jokingly cited it as his “cause of death.”

The final part of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 reunion was certainly eventful and seemed to change the dynamic between a few of the cast members, perhaps for good. Kathy heading to the stage to discuss the Aspen drama was everything fans had hoped for. Now, given how things were left, viewers are intrigued to see what will unfold next season.

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