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Brian Harsin can land another Power Five job right away

Brian Harsin is absent at Auburn, but he will have plenty of options this coming season.

Just because Brian Harsin didn’t make it at Auburn doesn’t mean he’s a bad head coach.

Quite the contrary, in fact. While Harsin went a dismal 9-12 in parts of two seasons at Auburn, he did well in the previous two training stops. Harsin went 69-19 in seven seasons at his alma mater in Boise State. The Broncos won three Mountain West Championships under his watch, reaching the Fiesta Bowl in 2014. He also led Arkansas State to the Sun Belt Championship in 2012.

Although Boise State may be using it, don’t be shocked if Harsin stays in Power Five.

Auburn fires Brian Harsin: Why the coach won’t be out of work for long

No matter how strong she was at The Plains, this was convenient from the start. The Group of Five coach from Boise, Idaho left his home school to take over SEC in the tougher sections of both divisions whose biggest competitors are Alabama and Georgia. What did you think would happen?! Regardless, Harsin could get a new job off-season, possibly at a force five level.

Including Auburn, there are six vacant coaching positions from the Power Five team. Although more will certainly open, you could argue that Harsin will be the top candidate in Colorado, a finalist at the gig in Arizona and likely a good fit in Nebraska. Admittedly, he doesn’t need to take the Nebraska job, as his reputation may not be able to recover if he fails at Lincoln.

As for Arizona and Colorado, these gigs make more sense. With Arizona State, former quarterback Harsin will be at The Valley, where quarterback play appears to be improving by the year at the high school level. While this is the dream job of Oregon offensive coordinator Kenny Dillingham, Harsin has won much earlier at Mountain West.

Besides Dillingham, Arizona could be a candidate to hire Matt Rowley or Dion Sanders. Rhule knows how to build a college program from rock bottom since his days at Baylor and Temple before that. It’s a shame it didn’t work out for him in the NFL. As for Coach Prime, it’s Coach Prime! It will bring some much-needed splurge to a much-needed program.

Great to see Harsin get an Arizona job, Colorado could be the real gem. The Pac-12 bottom player has had such a good one season since Joel Clatt was the Buffaloes quarterback. Recruiting in Boulder has its challenges, but Harsin may not have any problems winning with this type of player. Of course, Dan Hawkins didn’t make the transition from Boise to Boulder…

Regardless, what CU needs is a head coach with presence and plan. Harsin got that at Boise State and tried to make it run on the highest stage in Auburn. It’s okay, because the SEC will chew and spit you out. In a way, hiring Harsin in Colorado would be like getting a job with Mel Tucker. The only difference is that Harsin’s stock is a huge hit and won’t be leaving the CU right away.

If Harsin wants to take a year off, that’s fine, but he might be the guy who makes it work in Colorado.

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