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Chainsaw Man's Pochita Becomes The Perfect Pumpkin in Halloween Tribute

The adorable new anime devil Pochita from the hit series Chainsaw Man has become a pumpkin in the ultimate Halloween tribute!

It’s undeniable that Chainsaw Man is a hit new series. Ever since its debut on October 12th, people have fallen in love with the series and its wild premise that focuses on a Devil Hunter named Denji as he tries to repay the debt left by his late father. However, when he’s killed in battle after facing a betrayal, he becomes the R-rated Chainsaw Man, the ultimate devil-human hybrid that can tear through demons with ease. It’s an action-packed and enjoyable new series, but one character has truly shined as the highlight of the show. Pochita is a Devil that tags along with Denji to slay other Devils. They take the form of a tiny chainsaw that’s also absolutely adorable. Just like Anya in Spy x Family, Pochita has taken the anime world by storm because of their cute appearance and absolutely hilarious interactions, even with their flaws. Plus, they even managed to save Denji’s life by becoming his heart following his near-death experience, giving him their abilities to become Chainsaw Man. Pochita has certainly become 2022’s big new character, and this Halloween tribute (only a short week after the series debuted) shows how impactful Pochita has become.

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Artist Ed, also known as @edpanart on Twitter, shared a look at their newest Jack-O-Lantern for the Halloween season. Rather than a typical scary face though, they decorated their pumpkin to take on the form of Pochita, and it looks absolutely incredible. It’s a nearly identical recreation of Pochita with its adorable smile and eyes. For the chainsaw, the artist created the blade out of other materials to give it a three-dimensional look. The pumpkin carving also includes Pochita’s handle and iconic pull cord that turns Denji into the powerful Chainsaw Man when the two become one. The only thing missing is the legs, but even without them, the Jack-O-Lantern is unmistakable and a perfect fit for the character.

This unique Jack-O-Lantern design for Pochita is potentially just the beginning for amazing creations from the Chainsaw Man universe. The imagery from the series is unique and surreal that it is certain to inspire artists all over to craft fan-inspired art. While there has been artwork in the past for characters like Makima during the franchise’s time as a manga-only story, its entrance into the mainstream as an anime has already seen the formation of a new fan base. Whether this means more Jack-O-Lanterns for the other heroes and villains or a wide variety designs like paintings or cosplay. Regardless of the creations that appear, the future of the Chainsaw Man fandom is bright.

With Halloween just around the corner, Chainsaw Man couldn’t have dropped at a better time. Pochita was a huge hit when they first appeared in the series’ premiere, so giving them a Jack-O-Lantern body is a terrific way to show love for the character. Hopefully this will just be the start of great things to come as the series becomes the anime world’s next big hit.

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Source: Edpanart

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