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ChromeOS 107 is out now with tweaks to the recent file filter, Virtual Offices

Google is rolling out ChromeOS version 107 for Chromebooks worldwide today. This release introduces five tweaks to ChromeOS, with the biggest feature focusing on making it faster to deal with recently used files that you may have accessed before and need quick access.

This is because ChromeOS 107 modifies the recent files filter. Compared to ChromeOS 106, you should notice that the Recent files filter in the Files app is now divided into different time periods. There is even a new option to filter documents. The feature is on by default and you don’t need to enable any action.

Other than that, there are two important features that you will notice in offices, as well as the method for locking your Chromebook. Chromebooks now support locking the device when the lid is closed but without suspending your current session. Google says that if you use the current settings page for Show lock screen when you wake upAnd the It will now also work with the screen lock when the lid is closed. You can enable the Lock on Lid Close settings option by going to settings, click security and privacy, and choose Lock screen and login followed by Lock when sleeping or close the lid.

With Offices, you now have the option to save and close an entire virtual office with apps and windows saved in the layout you opened them in. This will make it easier to return to what interests you when switching between different virtual offices. You can access this by clicking Show windows a key and choose Save the office for later.

Smaller features in this version include dark mode support for Canvas and Cursive apps, as well as the option to create a desk for each project or task you’re working on, then close all open tabs and windows with just one click.

As always, you can upgrade to ChromeOS 107 easily today. Your Chromebook should download the update automatically, but you can force it to your system by going to Settings app and choose About ChromeOS and then Check for updates. Your Chromebook will then prompt you to restart.

source: The Google

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