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Dark Souls & Resident Evil Combine For A Spooky Halloween Soulslike

A spooky fan project has combined Dark Souls with Resident Evil to give the beloved soulslike adventure a unique survival horror twist. FromSoftware’s classic action RPG takes place in the dark fantasy world of Lordran, which incorporates dystopian terror and even outright horror in some of its darkest reaches. One survival horror fan recently released a Resident Evil Village video to celebrate the spookiest day of the year, and now fans can enjoy Halloween with a project that combines Dark Souls and Resident Evil.

YouTuber Rustic Games BR recently shared an amazing video that reimagines Dark Souls as an old-school Resident Evil game. The video perfectly captures the survival horror franchise’s retro fixed camera angle, with gothic backgrounds and atmospheric lightning delivering flawless horror atmosphere. The Chosen Undead is shown facing off against terrifying Dark Souls enemies like a zombified Hollow and a powerful undead soldier. The classic Resident Evil camera actually complements the action well, with the player repositioning to better angles and lining up slow deliberate attacks. Rustic Games BR even gives Dark Souls the old Resident Evil inventory system to complete the spooky aesthetic.

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While Dark Souls certainly has some horror vibes, a recent PS1 demake of Bloodborne transforms FromSoftware’s scariest game into a retro pixelated adventure. The demake meticulously transforms the gothic city of Yharnam into an old-school PlayStation title, which comes complete with crunchy audio and incredibly rough graphics. The Bloodborne remake also manages to faithfully recapture the horror RPG’s gameplay, too, with players once again using Trick Weapons and gun parries to aggressively slay beasts without remorse.

The Resident Evil series is one of the most famous and longest-running survival horror franchises in the industry, which has naturally led to many tributes and fan projects. While developer Capcom continues to produce modern remakes of old titles, fans have been crafting their own gorgeous demakes that render modern entries in the series’ original fixed-camera style. Rustic Games BR even created a Resident Evil 4 PS1 demake last year, which reimagines the action-packed third-person shooter with clumsy tank controls and dated pixelated graphics. While the series has come a long way, projects like the RE4 demake and the Resident Evil crossover with Dark Souls demonstrates the lasting appeal of this nostalgic style.

Dark Souls may not be a survival horror title, but its dark fantasy atmosphere makes it a perfect subject for a demake in the style of Resident Evil. Rustic Games BR’s gorgeous tribute illuminates the Chosen Undead’s armor with ever crack of lightning, with slow methodical combat mirroring the awkward controls of old Resident Evil games. With the spookiest day of the year here once again players can now embrace the scary side of Dark Souls by experiencing it as a medieval horror game.

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Source: Rustic Games BR/YouTube

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