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Dr. Slip is something everyone should watch this Halloween

Halloween is a time of fun tricks, yummy treats, and good scares. New movie releases Such as smilingAnd the terrifying 2 even The end of Halloween I carried that banner throughout October, allowing the horror genre to publish some pretty impressive numbers.

A lot has been said about those movies, but today I’d like to celebrate a movie that should be on everyone’s Halloween list this year and every year: Mike Flanagan’s Stephen King adaptation Dr. Sleep. It’s a Movie Tried the Impossible: Tying Together Stanley Kubrick’s Film Legacy the shining With another text in the legacy of the king.

The fact that the final product exists is a miracle in itself. However, the results of this daring project were even more beautiful. In the spirit of Halloween, and good stories in general, let’s talk about why Dr. Sleep He deserves much more love than he’s ever had.

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Doctor Sleep debuted as a box office bomb in theaters

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