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Dwayne Johnson thanks fans as Black Adam wins #1 at the box office again

While Johnson may be the biggest movie star in the world, Black Adam is nearly unrecognizable. However, the character’s first film does well at the box office, coming in at number one for the second weekend in a row. This is a personal victory for The Rock, as he led the development of a film he has been associated with for years. While horror movies usually come to the fore during the month of October, black Adam He was able to rise above the most terrifying flicks. The movie star took the time to thank fans for coming out in support of the superhero movie, especially considering the comic book hero’s lack of fame.

The odds haven’t always been in Black Adam’s favor, as the character isn’t as well-known as the other DC characters. The red notice The star pointed this out because he thanked his fans black AdamBox office success. You can check out his heartfelt message below.

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