Enjoy A Digital Detox At This Cabin Only An Hour From Manchester

Scrolling aimlessly through your Instagram feed? Your WhatsApp group chat blowing up? Lying in bed watching TikTok videos wondering where the night went? Don’t worry, we’re guilty of it too.

Our phones can be quite distracting and it can be so hard to pull ourselves away, but maybe a phone-free staycation might be the remedy you need to feel more present. Located just an hour’s drive away from Manchester is a newly-opened digital detox cabin by Unplugged called Luna and it’s their first one in the North of England.

Credit: Unplugged

Hide your phone away in a lockbox and instead of scrolling and hearing notifications ping, you can cosy up in front of the log fire, wake up to views of rolling countryside and watch the daily happenings of farm life. Situated just minutes from Cheshire’s “Sandstone Trail” on a working farm, venture outside and join the Gresty’s Waste to Tarporley section of the trail, then explore Tarporley’s selection of pubs and tearooms just a short walk from the cabin.

Built with comfort in mind, you can enjoy a hot shower, curl up in hotel quality bedding and cook up a storm in a fully equipped kitchen. The digital detox cabin Luna has everything you need to live offline including board games, books, a cassette player and an instant camera with a 10 pack of film in order to capture your phone-free memories. Plus, Luna is pet-friendly so you can bring your pooch along too.

Credit: Unplugged

Adding to the cabin’s amenities, you’ll find a map and compass to aid your outdoor expeditions plus umbrellas and wellies in multiple sizes because we’re still in the North West, remember. And if you’re really, really missing having a mobile device in your hand, you can get a hit of nostalgia as Unplugged supplies you with an old school Nokia (yes, it has Snake on it) in case of emergencies.

Interestingly, all stays at this digital detox cabin in Cheshire are for three nights. Unplugged says “this is because 72 hours is the optimum time for your mind and body to switch off and reset. Three nights is the minimum timeframe to shake the habit of reaching for your phone.”

A weekday stay at the digital detox cabin Luna with check in on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday costs £390 (£130 a night) or a weekend stay with check in on Thursday, Friday or Saturday costs £450 (£150 a night). You can book your stay here.

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