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Fallout Creators Praise Show’s Faithfulness To The Video Games

The Fallout video game franchise creators have praised the faithfulness of Prime Video’s upcoming adaptation. Co-developed by Westworld masterminds Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, the new series was announced in 2020, with production officially commencing as of July this year. While details on the adaptation have been kept tightly under wraps, Joy previously described the show as a “gonzo, crazy, funny, adventure, and mindfuck.

Based on the critically acclaimed Bethesda game franchise by the same name, Fallout is set inside an alternate timeline where nuclear war has ravaged the world in the year 2077 and driven clusters of survivors into underground vaults for hundreds of years. Teasing the show’s similarity to the video games, a recently released still showed a silhouetted figure arriving at the entrance of Vault 33 while three of its inhabitants, dressed in blue jumpsuits, looked on. The series stars Walton Goggins in an undisclosed role, accompanied by Ella Purnell, Kyle MacLachlan, Xelia Mendes-Jones, and Aaron Moten.

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A new featurette from Prime Video has teased the faithfulness of the upcoming Fallout series. Discussing the franchise’s future, Bethesda art director Istvan Pely said that he was “blown away” by the television adaptation’s fidelity to the video games. Stating that the series was sticking with their original visual designs, Pely added that it was “reassuring” that he and the other creators of the video games had “got it right the first time.” Check out his full comments below:

Though no official information has been released regarding the plot of the new Fallout series, each original video game has followed a similar premise. While they vary in date and location, the official games have all centered around different protagonists emerging from the safety of nuclear vaults for the first time and setting out across the wastelands of one of the former American states. With the original Fallout creators hinting at the show’s faithfulness, and photos seemingly confirming the inclusion of Vault 33 and Vault 32, fans have every reason to believe that the upcoming adaptation is abiding by a similar style and storyline.

As fans await an official release date for the new Fallout series, they will likely be reassured by Pely’s assessment that the source material is being respected. Commanding a loyal following since the launch of the first game in 1997, the Fallout fanbase has grown to expect certain reoccurring elements in every new installment of the franchise and is undoubtedly hoping that the series will find a way to honor them. Though there is speculation that Goggins’ character could deviate from the protagonists of the video games (with hints that he is to depict an irradiated human known as a ghoul), the confidence shown by the original creators will certainly quell fan fears and ignite further excitement.

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