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Find Out The Screenwriters’ Joke Hidden in Mr. Harrigan’s Phone

Find Out The Screenwriters’ Joke Hidden in Mr. Harrigan’s Phone

The narrative of the horror movie “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone,” which was produced by Netflix and directed by John Lee Hancock, centres on the character of Mr. John Harrigan, a businessman who hires Craig to be his book reader. Craig and Harrigan develop a sweet relationship throughout the course of their time together. After learning that Craig aspires to work as a screenwriter in Hollywood, the businessman, who lives a solitary life in Harlow, starts to feel responsible for Craig’s future. This is especially true after learning that Craig wants to work in Hollywood.

Although Harrigan decides to include Craig in his will and provides him with enough money to pay for his schooling and get him started on a successful career, he makes it clear to Craig that he does not support Craig’s goal of becoming a screenwriter. He requests that Craig discover a joke referring to screenwriters that can be found on the internet in the hopes that it will help him see the pointlessness of the industry. If you are looking for the same thing, let us be your allies in the search!


Mr. Harrigan’s Phone


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Where To Find Out About The Screenwriters’ Joke?

Craig receives a letter that Harrigan the businessman had written while he was still alive to advise Craig about the cash that he had set aside for Craig to use for his studies and profession after Harrigan’s passing. Through the letter, Harrigan makes it very obvious to Craig that he does not approve of his goal to become a screenwriter. He then requests that Craig utilise the terms “screenwriter” and “starlet” to discover a joke about the profession in order to comprehend the rationale behind his dislike.

The actual joke that Harrigan is referring to reads as follows: “One of the oldest inside jokes out there is about the starlet who was so stupid that she slept with the author in the hopes of furthering her career.” The influence of screenwriters throughout the era is illuminated by the joke, which was most likely written after the establishment of Hollywood in the 20th century. The heads and executives of powerful filmmaking companies dominated the film business at the time, and as a result, the industry was controlled by them. Even the directors themselves occupied a position of lower power on the set. When it came to choosing cast members and launching actors or actresses into stardom, the studio chiefs and executives had the last say.

It would appear that the only thing screenwriters could do to gain money without being subject to any authority was sell their screenplays. Because these screenwriters did not have any power, control, or influence in the movie process, “sleeping” with them would not have been beneficial for anyone who sought to advance in their career. When it comes to Harrigan, a career in such a field is something that should be looked down upon rather than pursued. Harrigan has constructed his entire existence around the exercise of his authority and influence over other people. As a result, any line of work that does not involve the same level of authority would be unattractive to him.

Because Harrigan loves about Craig, he has a secret ambition for the young man: that he will one day pursue a profession in which he will exercise some degree of authority. In an attempt to sway Craig’s opinion, Harrigan uses a joke, but he is oblivious to the fact that Hollywood has evolved significantly since the 1940s and 1950s. The fact that he is unaware of how screenwriters have advanced in the industry to become influential people in the creation of films indicates that he has never bothered to learn anything new about the industry in order to change his beliefs that are several decades old. He is unaware of how screenwriters have made progress in the industry to become influential people in the creation of films.

With the imminent release of Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, Netflix will be adding yet another adaptation to its already extensive roster of projects. The acclaimed novelist Stephen King’s literary work of the same name served as the inspiration for the picture. Following the production of Gerald’s Game, 1922, and In the Tall Grass, the adaptation will be the fourth King project that Netflix has taken on. The author is no new to seeing his works adapted into films and shows, many of which have been quite successful when brought to the big and small screens. Given all of this, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Netflix has decided to bring Mr. Harrigan’s Phone to life.

The idea that Netflix has selected is just one of the many tales contained in King’s anthology If It Bleeds. Although the first story to be adapted is Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, producers have also shown interest in adapting Rat, The Life of Chuck, and If It Bleeds. Mr. Harrigan’s Phone is the first of the four stories to get its own adaptation. In light of the fact that the collection will not be released until 2020, it is remarkable that all four of the stories have been purchased so quickly. It has been claimed that Ben Stiller is interested in the film Rat, while the production business owned by Darren Aronofsky is mulling about producing The Life of Chuck, and HBO is looking into acquiring the rights to If It Bleeds.

In light of the fact that Mr. Harrigan’s Phone kicks things started, the following is the essential information regarding the Netflix film.

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The Plot of Mr. Harrigan’s Phone

The protagonist of the movie is a young child named Craig, who forges a unique connection with the reclusive billionaire Mr. Harrigan. This friendship serves as the story’s central conflict. The story begins in a rather routine manner, illustrating the two characters’ developing friendship with one another. Beginning with Craig performing odd jobs around Mr. Harrigan’s mansion for an hourly wage, the young boy eventually wins a lottery ticket handed to him by the billionaire and uses the money from the ticket to purchase an iPhone for Mr. Harrigan.

Stephen King’s Other Works

Unfortunately, Mr. Harrigan passed away at some point in the future, greatly adding to the young boy’s profound sense of loss. At the funeral, Craig places the phone that he stole from the house before the coroners departed with Mr. Harrigan’s body into the pocket of the elderly man’s jacket. He did this before the coroners left the house with Mr. Harrigan’s body. After that, Craig makes it a routine to contact Mr. Harrigan’s phone, which, much to his astonishment, is still in service, whenever he finds himself becoming overpowered by loss or by life in general. These phone calls from beyond the grave are the medium through which the unexplainable takes place.

After Craig sends a message to Mr. Harrigan, who has since passed away, telling him about the bully at his high school who has been tormenting him, the bully ends his own life. Craig’s gut tells him that something isn’t quite right about the situation, and he starts to wonder if his friend who has since passed away had something to do with the death. The following is how the movie’s synopsis reads.

“Craig is a little boy who lives in a tiny village and makes friends with an older and more reclusive billionaire named Mr. Harrigan. When the guy passes away, the youngster learns that not everything that is dead is gone, and he finds that he is able to speak with his friend from the grave through the iPhone that was buried with him. The two build a bond over books and an iPhone.

The Cast of Mr. Harrigan’s Phone

It was decided that Jaeden Martell would play the part of Craig. In an earlier production, the actor played the role of Bill Denbrough in the adaptation of Stephen King’s It. Martell is therefore not unfamiliar with the requirements that come with adapting a King work. The role of the younger version of Craig is going to be played by Colin O’Brien. Donald Sutherland, a seasoned actor, was cast in the role of Mr. Harrigan, a reclusive character. Sutherland gained a significant amount of notoriety in recent years as a result of his role as President Snow in the Hunger Games franchise. Joe Tippett was brought on board to play the role of Craig’s father, while Kirby Howell-Baptiste was chosen in the role of Ms. Hart, a teacher at Craig’s high school. Cyrus Arnold plays the role of Craig’s tormentor Kenny Yankovich on the show.

In addition, the creative crew behind the film is just fantastic. The novel was adapted by John Lee Hancock, whose earlier works include “The Blind Side” and “Saving Mr. Banks.” Hancock was also responsible for writing and directing the film. Ryan Murphy and Jason Blum are the show’s producers. Carla Hacken also contributes to the production, and Marci Wiseman and Jeremy Gold of Blumhouse Television are the show’s executive producers.

Stephen King’s Praise

I have witnessed a version of John Lee Hancock’s MR. HARRIGAN’S PHONE that is very close to being completed, and I can say without a doubt that it is nothing short of spectacular. Donald Sutherland, Jaeden Martell. Netflix. This coming fall. — Stephen King (@StephenKing) August 12, 2022

The author, Stephen King, has given his blessing to the adaptation of Mr. Harrigan’s Phone that will be available on Netflix. On his Twitter account, he praised the movie as “absolutely nothing short of fantastic.” The fact that King has not always taken well to other people’s interpretations of his work makes the author’s praise all the more meaningful. The majority of the reasons for King’s dislike of works that were adapted from his writings were due to the fact that these works varied too far from the original. Given all of this information, it is probably reasonable to conclude that the adaptation of Mr. Harrigan’s Phone will stay quite true to the storyline of the original book since King has given his stamp of approval to the project.

The fact that King has given his blessing has also contributed to an increase in the anticipation and enthusiasm among fans. Those who have not read the books in the series are thrilled that a Stephen King story is going to be adapted into a movie, whilst readers of the series are anticipating the adaptation with both eagerness and some measure of trepidation.

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone
Mr. Harrigan’s Phone

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Mr. Harrigan’s Phone’s Date of Publication

The movie won’t keep you waiting for very much longer. Production on the movie started in 2021, and it is scheduled to debut on Netflix on October 5, 2022, just in time for Halloween. It will be available on Netflix during the fall among other new movies like “The School for Good and Evil,” “Robbing Mussolini,” and “The Curse of Bridge Hollow.”

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