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Gilmore Girls: The Worst Character Changes In The Series, According To Reddit

Despite its ending back in 2007, Gilmore Girls is still one of the most comforting shows to keep you entertained in the cozy fall season. However, for die-hard fans, after the release of Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life, the conversations about controversies in the series were rekindled.

Fans of this beloved series have strong opinions about the series and the subsequent limited series. These Redditors shared their opinions about which character changes throughout the storyline didn’t fit or just simply annoyed them.

When Dean Forester is first introduced as Rory’s love interest, he shared many interests with her, including her love for reading.

However, in their relationship later in life, Dean shows little interest in reading. Reddit user AdventurousHyena3606 said, “when they got back together after dean’s divorce, he couldn’t even give her an opinion on the story she wrote.” This character change made their rekindled relationship immediately unsatisfactory, leaving the couple without many similar interests.

Many fans appreciated Rory’s platonic relationship with Marty, and were disappointed when they parted ways after Rory deflects his attempts to start a romantic relationship.

Given how sweet and friendly Marty was with Rory, some viewers didn’t appreciate that he transformed from a likable guy friend to a jealous ex-friend following her rejection. One Reddit user said, “I feel his original character was just a normal shy/awkward dude with a crush on his friend.” These fans thought Marty’s character development didn’t fit the likable character he initially was portrayed as, ruining his character overall in the series.

One unpopular opinion about the side characters is that TJ was a great character. Many fans think Liz’s inclusion into the storyline was more palatable with her partner being introduced at the same time as her.

However, before the couple was introduced, Liz’s relationship with her son and brother portrayed her as a toxic individual. Reddit user tacosareforlovers said, “they talked about how awful the character Liz was in the early seasons. Then she shows up in Stars Hallow and seems harmlessly zany/immature.” These viewers felt this conflicting reputation of Liz made no sense and led to one of the worst character developments.

In the earlier seasons, before Luke and Lorelai started dating, Emily mentions a few times that she can see an attraction between the two, hinting that they would make a good match. However, after the two began dating, she was completely against the match.

Reddit user Dhruv01810 mentioned that in the earlier seasons “Emily coyly hinting at the perfect match Luke and Lorelai would be,” pointing out that her earlier characterization doesn’t fit her later one. Though other viewers wave this off as Emily being teasing and not actually encouraging the relationship, these audience members were confused by her seemingly sudden change in opinion, making her character unlikeable overall.

It took four full seasons before Luke acted on his pining over Lorelai, and they finally became a couple. After he waited so long to be with her, fans were annoyed that he compromised their relationship by keeping his daughter a secret for a couple of months.

Reddit user Chris_Dav_83 pointed out, ” the man was freaking in loved with Lorelai and he acted so stupid when April appeared.” Discovering one has a child is obviously a jarring situation. Luke’s deceptive behavior in this plotline was one of the worst character changes because it went against how he acted previously in most of the series.

Rory’s first sexual interaction with Dean Forester was while he was still married, and she defended her actions within this affair. However, later in the series, she is ready to break up with Logan when she discovers he had several sexual encounters while they were separated.

Reddit user Dhruv01810 explained they were annoyed by “Rory in season 5 finding out how much having an affair could damage a couple, and later struggling with her own feelings when she thinks Logan cheated on her.” These conflicting opinions made Rory a complex character and often made fans believe she was quite hypocritical, which was unlike her original characterization. Many fans believe Rory’s character change throughout the series is the worst overall.

Many fans will fight over the opinion that Lane shouldn’t have gotten married so young and begun a family soon after. After she fought so long to be free of her mother’s repressive parenting, these viewers wanted Lane to have more freedom longer than she did.

Reddit user shipwreckscientist said, “Lane deserved SO MUCH BETTER than what the writers gave her.” Though Lane does confess to her husband Zack that she was upset over not having a longer span of freedom, these fans still believe the marriage and children within her storyline was a horrible character change given how hard she fought to live her rock and roll lifestyle.

Many of Sookie’s best quotes from the series sum up her quirky, outgoing personality. When she began a partnership with Jackson, fans thought their quirky personalities complimented each other, and they made a strong couple.

However, this made the situation in which they both deceive and manipulate each other all the more unusual. Reddit user Dhruv01810 pointed out they didn’t understand, “Sookie being a loving wife to Jackson only for her to force a vasectomy on him at the end of S5, and THEN Jackson being a loving husband only to LIE about getting the vasectomy in S7.” While die-hard fans know this was to incorporate Melissa McCarthy’s real-life pregnancy, the situation could have been worked out in a way that didn’t compromise their previous characterization.

Two of the most popular ships in the Gilmore Girls fandom are the relationship between Rory and Jess and the flirtation between her and Tristan. Adamant fans understand that Chad Murray’s departure from the show forced the showrunners to replace Tristan with Jess.

Reddit user 333Maria explains this by saying, “Tristan was supposed to be Rory’s other love interest. But when an actor left the show, they had to create Jess.” However, fans thought this literal swap in love interests was jarring and Jess wasn’t similar enough to Tristan to “replace” the attraction between Rory and Tristan. This literal character change is considered one of the worst because the storyline between Tristan and Rory felt incomplete.

From the beginning of the series, it was known that Rory had dreams of becoming a journalist. By the conclusion of the original series, she had graduated from Yale with experience as a journalist and had a promising future ahead.

However, this promising career was squashed in A Year In The Life when Rory is depicted as struggling to find work in her field. Reddit user Glittering_Sundae said, “She certainly turns out way less successful than what I and many others were expecting.” These career challenges were certainly realistic, but this change is considered one of the worst because her lack of success was unsettling for fans who watched her work so hard to become a journalist.

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