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Gisele Bünchen: What’s Tom Brady’s ex-wife’s diet to look stunning?

Gisele Bünchen and Tom Brady just signed their divorce.

Nevertheless, Gisele is a beauty icon, no matter if she’s married or not.

Bündchen suffered bullying when she was growing up due to her skinny physicality. However, she became one of the top models in the world.

Gisele Bünchen diet

Gisele Bünchen is a social activist, model, and guru of a healthy way of living. Bünchen and her nutritionist, chef Allen Campbell, shared the model’s diet in an interview with a french outlet.

Breakfast full of vitamins

According to Gisele Bünchen, a breakfast of fruit and fresh veggies is essential to start the day with a glass of water and lime juice to start the digestive system.


During brunch, Gisele Bünchen consumes a juice of herbs and an ultra-vitamin smoothie made from organic fruits. Then Gisele consumes a fruit toast with fresh fruits, eggs, avocado, and free gluten bread.

According to Gisele, 80% of her diet comes from organic veggies and fruits. Also, all foods containing sugar and refined flour are forbidden at her home.

“Today I love the principle that the body is like a temple and loving and nourishing our bodies can make us feel better,” Gisele Bünchen commented.

“My favorite homemade recipe is a seven-portion split plate with kale, broccoli, quinoa, avocado, beets, sweet potato, and cherry tomatoes.”

Moderate red meat

“We don’t eat at all as much red meat as we used to; maybe we eat it once a month. We mostly eat vegetables, whole-grain products, grains, seeds, nuts, and organic chicken,” said Gisele.

Most of her animal protein comes from fish and salmon.


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