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Google explains how to achieve 24 hours of battery life with the Pixel Watch

Google announced its new Pixel device at the top of the month, and released it next week to excited consumers. While the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro received positive reviews, the Pixel Watch is a somewhat mixed bag, with the majority of reviews stating that battery life is, frankly, terrible. So if Google rates the watch to last up to 24 hours, you’ll start to kind of start wondering, how do they achieve those numbers?

Fortunately, Google explains how to achieve 24 hours of battery life with the Pixel Watch.

According to Google’s Pixel Watch help page, a 24-hour battery rating is based on the following:

  • 240 notifications
  • 280 time checks
  • 5 minute LTE phone call.
  • 45 minutes of LTE and GPS workouts with downloaded YouTube music playing
  • 50 minutes of navigation (Google Maps) while connected to a phone via Bluetooth®️
  • The clock configured with the default settings, including the Always-on screen, is set to off

So in a 24 hour time period, the watch was tested using its default settings with AOD turned off. Moreover, the watch received 240 notifications, and the time was checked 280 times, which is a very unusual amount. During the test, he also took a five-minute call, did a 50-minute move, and did 45 minutes of rehearsals. Of course, everyone will have different usage stats, so no opinion can be given regarding Google’s testing methods.

If there is one constant to achieving great battery life on any wearable and not just the Pixel Watch, it is that turning off AOD will significantly increase battery life than turning on AOD. On its help page, Google recommends Battery Saver or Full Doze Mode if you’re trying to save battery life. It also contains details of its settings that can improve battery life on the Pixel Watch. If you’re interested, you can buy the watch now starting at $349.99.

google pixel watch
google pixel watch

Google Pixel Watch is Google’s first smartwatch under the Google Pixel brand. It is outdated in some ways but has a lot of charm for what it is.

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