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How Alvin Camara’s Trade Talk Could Have Saved Season of Saints

Alvin Camara addressing his team for lack of discipline sparked commercial speculation, but he lit a much hotter fire under the team’s lead.

Alvin Camara took a calculated risk this week. It paid off.

First, he exercised his position as the captain of the team – i.e. It was named for the first time this off season To confront the New Orleans Saints and deal with the things he was seeing in practice that weren’t quite right. Things like clumsy plays, penalties, non-compliance with game standards in practice, and more.

That wasn’t shocking. What was shocking was the fact that Talk about it openly and honestly with the media after confrontation. He made everything clear: That’s what I said, and that’s why I said it.

Revealing such intimate details of a locker room encounter is somewhat of a taboo in the professional sports space. There are some things you never let go of your walls. You don’t want your opponents to know about your inner struggles, because they can spot weaknesses and pounces.

Furthermore, the Saints are well below expectations, and the commercial value of Camara was revealed in part by Christian McCaffrey’s trade last week that sent him to the 49ers. Giving any impression that he is unhappy now immediately puts him in the mass of trading speculation. Because he knows that.

So yeah, bringing this stuff out of the inner circle of the locker room: a risk.

But it’s a risk that comes with a statement to his teammates: I’m seriously dead.

Alvin Camara was more serious with the saints’ criticism

Since the pronouncements, yes, Camara has appeared in nearly every business deal that involves backtracking. He had to know this was going to happen.

However, the saints insist that they do not trade it. Camara insists he does not want to play anywhere else.

And he proved that he was serious about his locker room data And the He cares about this team and its success on Sunday when he scored three touchdown points and led the team in both rushing and receiving en route to a 24-0 win over the Las Vegas Raiders.

Camara didn’t do it all – obviously the defense was exceptional to prevent the Raiders from scoring even once, considering they scored the second-most points in the league this year – but he came close. He gives more weight to his words in the locker room. I’m so serious I’ll do it myself If I had to.

Aside from the missed field goal, this was the most complete game the Saints have played this season from start to finish. Apparently, Camara’s comments earlier in the week ignited the fire.

His remarks alone carried enough weight to motivate. But the fact that it sparked a commercial debate should have angered teammates as it gives the impression that the Saints are seen as a losing team willing to part with their best players. Now, just a game off the lead in the NFC South, the division title is visible. This may come at the cost of an opportunity to focus on rebuilding, but you won’t convince these players to quit.

Comments ignited the fire in more ways than one. He may have saved the season of saints.

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