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How does Virgin delve into the lives of one main character in Season 5

Virgin River He’s done an amazing job in his four seasons introducing a number of characters for fans to root for in a lot of romantic drama, relationship challenges, and shocking (and sometimes violent) characters. Twists and turns For viewers with a Netflix subscription. Along the way, we’ve learned a lot about the many people who make up the small town in Northern California, but one main character, Preacher, is about to get a bigger storyline, as Season 5 “digs deeper” into his life.

How will the Virgin River deepen in the life of a preacher?

Although we all love to talk about details Romance moves fast between Jack and Melhow many a Charmaine’s problem He, and how Brady can’t stay out of trouble, Preacher’s character Colin Lawrence is another major character who has been on the front line from the start. And when I say “done,” I really mean it, because he was largely focused on helping his friend Paige cover up an accidental death and evade a very dangerous man. Now it seems Virgin River Season 5 He will be able to give Preach some relief, which model Patrick Shawn Smith said TVLine:

We’d love to see him interact with other characters he hasn’t yet. We also delve deeper into his non-romantic life. We don’t know much about him.

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