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How to Romance the Grim Reaper in Sims 4

The Sims 4 is known for allowing players to tell whatever stories they want, and this includes the ability to romance the Grim Reaper in the game. While the Grim Reaper functions differently than normal NPCs and has some unique rules, interacting with him isn’t too different from interacting with regular Sims. Before beginning a romance with the Grim Reaper, however, players will need Sims to kill as a sacrifice to summon him. Because of this, players should have a few disposable Sims, as well as the Sim that players want to use to seduce the Grim Reaper, on the same lot and household to make things easier.

The first thing players will need to do to begin their romance is kill that Sim to get the Grim Reaper to show up. This can be done in several dozen ways, but one of the easiest and fastest methods is by drowning a Sim in a pool. This can be done by having a sim enter a pool without any ladders, and building a wall directly around the pool edges, so they can’t get out. Once the sacrificial Sim passes away, the Grim Reaper will make his appearance.

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The Reaper moves quickly, and disappears almost immediately after dealing with the dead Sim, so players will need to get to him fast to prevent him from going away. Once the Grim Reaper is in the vicinity, players can interact with him like they can with any other Sim. This means they can select romantic conversation options like Flirting. Although the Grim Reaper will appear uninterested in romance, players just need to keep persisting until the Love Bar fills up.

Once the bar is filled, the Grim Reaper will feel comfortable spending time with the Sim, and players will unlock the full range of Romance options. This includes almost everything normal Sims can do with each other, but the Grim Reaper cannot WooHoo in Sims 4 (or Try for Baby) without the use of mods. Players can still have their Sim marry the Grim Reaper if they choose to, however.

To marry the Grim Reaper in Sims 4, players simply need to add him to their household. This can be done by turning testingcheatstrue on in Sims 4 via cheats. Players can then select the ‘Add to household’ option when holding SHIFT+C and hovering over the Grim Reaper with their cursor. This will add the Reaper to the current household, and allow him to be able to marry any other Sim.

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While players may need to make some unethical decisions on the way, romancing the Grim Reaper is definitely possible in Sims 4. For players with an active imagination, this can be a great way to spice up their Sims’ lives and tell some exciting new stories with their characters.

For players who are looking to mod being able to WooHoo the Grim Reaper into Sims 4, there is a detailed post on The Sims’ official forums which provides instructions. There are also multiple YouTube videos which detail the process and have led to rather amusing content, such as the video below from Clare Siobhán, where their sim actually became pregnant by Sims 4’s Grim Reaper:

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