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IFC Midnight, Shudder Buy Supernatural Thriller “Dedication”

IFC Midnight and Shudder have acquired the North American rights to “Consecration,” a supernatural thriller from AGC Studios. The film features a cast that includes Jenna Malone from The Hunger Games series, Danny Huston from Wonder Woman and Children of Men, and Janet Suzman, the dean of theater and screen who received an Academy Award nomination for her work on “Nicholas & Alexandra.” Christopher Smith (Detour”) from the script he wrote with Laurie Cook (“The Banishing”).

IFC Midnight will release the film in theaters in 2023 with Shudder later taking in the first broadcast window exclusively. Both companies share a parent company in AMC Networks.

In the movie, Grace (Mallone) goes to Mount Savior Abbey in Scotland to find out the cause of the suspicious death of her brother, a priest. Father Romero (Houston) helps her at first, but she quickly becomes distrustful of the Church’s account as she discovers murder, sacrilege, and the disturbing truth about her mysterious past that brings long-buried trauma to the surface.

“The Dedication” was produced by Xavier Marchand of Moonriver Content, Jason Newmark of Newscope Films, and Laurie Cook of Bigscope Films. It was funded by AGC Corporation with additional funding from Sherborne Capital. AGC founder Stuart Ford is Executive Director of Production with Linda McDonough, Miguel Ballos of AGC and Co-Executive Producer Zachary Garrett, along with Ed Freeman and Adam Nagel of Bigscope. Casey Herbert of Moonriver Content is co-producer.

Ariana Bocco, President of IFC Films, said, “Christopher Smith is the first contemporary filmmaker working today. He is a true original, and we are thrilled to finally be working with him at IFC Films and Shudder. We couldn’t be more excited to be back working with Stewart and the team at AGC Studios.” .

The film deal was negotiated by Scott Schumann, Head of Acquisitions and Production at IFC Films, with AGC Senior Vice President, Legal and Commercial, Anant Tamirisa, on behalf of the filmmakers. The film will be shown to international buyers at AFM.

“We are excited to continue our ongoing relationship with Ariana, Scott and the IFC Midnight team on the theme of ‘Dedication,” Ford said. “They did a great job on Neil Blomkamp’s ‘Demonic’ for Us last year and also on Chloe Okuno’s Watcher last summer which we were honored to be a partner in. When they saw the movie, the IFC Midnight team immediately understood the potential of Dedicate’ marketing and his theatrical capabilities.

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