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Instagram is currently disabled and some accounts are suspended

As we head into a new week, some people seem to be having issues with Instagram. Instagram has taken to Twitter to convey the news that the service is already down for some but has no explanation as to what could be causing the problem. Moreover, on a separate note, there are also reports that accounts are also suspended without reason.

While it’s not uncommon for services to go down, it does cause concern for some who rely on it for more than just a hobby. There are a lot of accounts that use Instagram for business, and sometimes, there are also account holders who use the service to connect with family and friends. No matter how you use it, when a service that millions of people depend on around the world crashes, it causes inconvenience.

In addition to the service downtime for some, there are also reports that accounts have now been suspended. The two issues appear to be related, with many confirming that they cannot access their accounts due to the suspension. At the same time, it appears that suspended accounts are losing followers as well. It’s hard to tell if there’s a connection between the two, but regardless, we hope Instagram can fix this issue soon. At the time of writing, the service was not down for a long time, with the outage occurring for less than an hour.

Last week, WhatsApp also experienced a two-hour outage. It looks like it was caused by a technical bug that kept the service down for some time. This event was global, leaving many without a way to connect with family and friends. These types of interruptions are a good reminder that it is important to have an alternate form of communication ready when necessary.

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