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Iowa fans rock incredibly conscious shirts at Michigan game (video)

Iowa fans know they’re for the brand, because they chant for The Punter during the Michigan Games.

Like Pat McAfee, Iowa Hawkeyes are synonymous with kicks.

McAfee may be trademarked on ESPN GameDay College These days (how are you? Keep moving!), but the Hawkeyes may have every Ray Guy winner for the rest of the time. Brian Ferencs has brought offensive football back from the Big Ten to the dark ages with rude, undeniable favoritism to an incalculable degree. Elite defense has wasted this season.

It’s okay to encourage gambling in Iowa City, as tradition Pittsburgh Steelers is just that.

Iowa is a great soccer team in two phases of the game, but not on the offensive

I mean, just take a look at what Nicole Auerbach of The Athletic found on her Twitter timeline. It’s a sled festival of the highest order. Iowa went for it fourth and second inside the Michigan 10-yard line, completing a short pass of sticks and then flagging for an offensive call in the process. However, Ferenc will still have a job on Sunday because of his father…

Iowa may have won the Big Ten West Awards a year ago, but that just isn’t good enough anymore. Going 10-2 every fourth year before you beat your brain with a baseball bat in Indianapolis would be a great team sprint if you played in places like Illinois, Minnesota or Purdue, but this is Iowa! The Hawkeyes have to be one of the best teams in the league year after year, but it stinks!

They gave the Michigan No. 4 team everything they could handle defensively. This was a home game for the hockey team, but they will be down to 3-2 before the second week of October. This program needs to be restarted in the worst possible way, so stop partying like 1999 and hire a head coach who is interested in winning matches instead of starting his bench-wearing son in no time, please!

The Kinnick Wave is awesome, these I Cheer For The Punter t-shirts are great, but Ferentz is rubbish.

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