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iPhone 15 Pro just tends to miss this major camera upgrade

One of the biggest early rumors surrounding next year’s iPhone 15 Pro is that it might get several new camera upgrades. This includes a new telephoto camera, a periscope, and a new “8P” lens, or eight main camera elements. Now, industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo chirp (Opens in a new tab) Saying that the iPhone 15 Pro may not get this lens element upgrade.

Just last week, we heard from TrendForce (Opens in a new tab)Another industry analyst said, the iPhone 15 series will finally switch to USB-C ports and the Pro models will get an increase in RAM and will go from 6GB to 8GB next year. TrendForce also mentioned the use of a new type of main camera lens that Apple could adopt on the upgraded 8-element (8P) camera.

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