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Ironheart Gets an MCU Superpower Ahead of Her Movie Debut

Marvel’s Ironheart is already a genius, but the superhero recently acquired a new power that makes her even stronger than Iron Man in a fight. Riri Williams is a relatively recent addition to the Marvel Universe, but has managed to make a significant impact in a short amount of time, enough to get her Ironheart TV show on Disney+ only seven years after her debut in comics. Now Iron Man #24 reveals Riri’s newest power, capable of ending fights before they’ve even started.

The differences between the world of the comics and that of the MCU are quite small, but no less impactful, and Riri’s power cannot be described without mentioning at least one. In the MCU, Thor’s Bifrost bridge to Asgard is a method of instantaneous teleportation; harnessing the power of the bridge, one can travel from any place in the universe to any other. In 2011’s Thor, Jane Foster described the event as an “Einstein-Rosen Bridge” – an actual scientific name for a wormhole through space (albeit one that, unfortunately enough, real science has yet to witness or even explain properly).

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In Iron Man #24, written by Christopher Cantwell with art by Angel Unzueta, Iron Man is nearly at death’s door thanks to the agents of Source Control (a weapons dealing empire) when the assailants are zapped away by a fifth wearing armor. It’s Riri Williams, who infiltrated the group long ago. She also acquired the Ten Rings of the Mandarin (not to be confused with the rings from the Shang-Chi series) and used them to transport Source Code agents to the Darkforce Dimension. Based on her own calculations, the Black Light Ring is capable of creating an Einstein-Rosen Bridge all by itself – in essence, creating a Bifrost Bridge.

This shows just how powerful Riri’s mind can be when put to the test. Ironheart has unlocked an ability previously known only to the Gods of Asgard, and only a few other humans (perhaps Reed Richards among the few) can replicate Bifrost technology. With just one ring, Riri could easily teleport Iron Man to a far-away location, thus winning any potential conflict between them (perhaps hinting at how she will precisely defeat Tony Stark in the upcoming Invincible Iron Man #2).

Iron Man is rather reluctant to allow Riri to leave with the rings, but eventually does so. Ironheart has successfully unlocked a secret ability of one ring…but what happens when she conducts similar experiments on the other nine? Ironheart’s new power and her reluctance to give up the Ten Rings means she could easily surpass Iron Man as Marvel’s most powerful powered-armor hero…or she could, perhaps just as easily, fall victim to the Rings’ penchant for infecting their wearers with a desire for power.

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