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Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween celebrates Honorary Day with throwbacks from the original John Carpenter movie

The horror genre has been experiencing a renaissance for years, and this October has brought a ton of new scary movies to theaters and homes. Among them was David Gordon Green The end of Halloweenwhich was apparently marked Jamie Lee Curtis final performance As the last girl Laurie Strode. And the famous actress recently celebrated the Honorary Day with a throwback from The original John Carpenter moviewhile also contemplating an epilogue finish.

October 31st is the day Michael Myers came home in 1978 Halloween, with both the franchise and the holiday remaining synonymous with actress Jamie Lee Curtis. This is the first slasher (which is considered one of the best horror movies of all time) made her a great movie star, and she’s played Laurie over and over for decades. Curtis recently shared some pretty awesome bounces via Instagram, along with a long, thoughtful comment about her tenure at the slasher property. Check it out below,

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