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Keke Palmer Brings X-Men Fan Casting To Life With Halloween Costume

Keke Palmer dresses as X-Men‘s Rogue for Halloween in response to being a popular fan cast of the Marvel character. Palmer is a singer and television host as well as an actress, known for her appearances in the crime drama Hustlers and Jordan Peele’s Nope. Rogue is one of the main mutant superhero characters in Marvel’s X-Men comic books and film franchise, where she was originally portrayed by True Blood actor Anna Paquin.

Rogue’s mutant power involve absorbing physical strength, memories and powers of anyone she touches. Paquin’s Rogue appeared in the first installment of the X-Men franchise in 2000 and was in both sequels, X2 and X-Men: The Last Stand. Paquin’s last appearance as Rogue was a cameo in the prequel X-Men: Days of Future Past following the bulk of her scenes being cut from the final film. Recently, a viral TikTok suggested Palmer as the perfect choice for new live-action Rogue, and Palmer even responded to the X-Men fan casting with enthusiasm.

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Now, Keke Palmer has again responded to the X-Men fan casting by dressing as Rogue for Halloween. In a video posted to her Instagram account with the caption: “There’s nothing I won’t do for you guys! In your Marvel Universe, I’ll always be Rogue,” Palmer can be seen wearing superhero spandex and a wig with Rogue’s iconic white streak, jumping into frame against an obvious green screen backdrop of a city under attack. She then yells in character as her eyes shoot lasers until she hilariously breaks character. The actor also posted photos of herself in the costume on her Twitter account, along with the caption: “You had a request…”. Check out both the video and images of Palmer’s Rogue costume above.

While the Nope star has previously addressed online discussions about her as Rogue, using Halloween as an opportunity to take on the Marvel role could either satisfy the imaginations of MCU fans or fuel the fire of interest. With Deadpool 3 coming to the MCU and Hugh Jackman confirmed to reprise his role as Wolverine, other X-Men characters are sure to follow, raising the question of which actors will be playing them. Palmer has been a widely popular choice for Rogue, and she’s strengthening her argument with this incredible costume and fun (albeit brief) turn as the character. There is some precedent for fan art of an actor in a popular role leading to that actor being cast—Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano or John Krasinski as Reed Richards, for example—but Palmer has taken it upon herself to prove she’d make a great Rogue in the MCU or any universe.

There are still many decisions that need to be made regarding X-Men characters joining the MCU. Regardless of who would be playing her, it remains a mystery if Rogue will appear in Deadpool 3 or any upcoming Marvel projects. Nevertheless, though nothing has been confirmed about Palmer’s future in the MCU, her Halloween costume is a brilliant way to shed light on the possibility.

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Source: Keke Palmer/Instagram

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