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Kenny Beckett calls out his Steelers teammates for not studying enough

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Beckett called out some of his teammates for their lack of film study, leading to their 2-6 record entry in farewell week.

Kenny Beckett may be a beginner, but he needs to earn locker room respect while flying on a busy week in Pittsburgh.

Steelers 2-6. While few people expected the first year without Ben Roethlisberger to be a breeze, no one could have seen this spoiled outcome coming. Matt Canada’s crime looks like a high school scheme, while the penalties and miscommunication didn’t help matters.

Beckett and Pittsburgh must return to the drawing board, or else what already looks like a lost season will be of no real use. What is this benefit? They prove that the franchise made the right decision in picking homegrown producer, Pickett, in the first round of the NFL Draft last year.

At the very least, Beckett looks the part off the field. He called on his teammates to step up when he needed them most.

Who is responsible for the Steelers corrupt crime?

It is common for players to blame themselves, or those around them in the dressing room, rather than point the finger at the coaching staff. It’s survival of the fittest when you think about it. How should Beckett or any attacking playmaker receive playing time while blaming coaches? Ultimately, the coach’s decision is who plays and who gets off the bench.

Since the start of the 2021 season, Matt Canada’s attacking average has averaged just 18.5 points per game. That includes the league’s 15 worst points per game in 2022. That’s a large enough sample size to indicate that Canada’s scheme doesn’t work in Pittsburgh.

As for Mike Tomlin, he’s open to changes.

“We’re 2 to 6 years old,” Tomlin said. In the Pittsburgh Tribune. “I am open to doing whatever is needed to get better. That’s just how things are. We are seriously committed to winning and being better, and that’s just part of that.”

Beckett is ready to go out to the changing pad. Will his teammates join him?

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