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Kesi Neblett Reveals Her Strategy For Competing On The Mole

The Mole has taken Netflix by storm, and the titular mole, Kesi Neblett, broke down all the strategies that helped her to evade capture until the final episode. The Mole is a competition show where one person, chosen by production, is tasked with sabotaging missions and costing the rest of the group prize money. Fans had theories throughout the season, but many were left shocked when it was revealed that Kesi had been the culprit the entire season.

Kesi flew relatively under the radar in the first few episodes of The Mole, and in an interview with TV Insider, she revealed that this was a key part of her strategy. “I knew that in the beginning, I wanted to let my natural genius come out and connect with the players so that we could build trust,” Kesi explained. Her task was to throw as many people off her scent as possible, which wasn’t easy when they have professional gamers, like Avori Henderson, on their trail. Kesi claimed her strategy was a good one because “it’s really difficult to change someone’s mind after you have a really bad first impression.

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Kesi explained that sabotaging the group became easier over time, adding, “I gradually became more and more reckless because…we had already built this rapport of testing how crazy can I be.” She seemed to have built good relationships with many members of The Mole cast and said, “People would confide in me about who they were suspecting. That was pretty mind-blowing.” Kesi was able to use her connections with the contestants to blatantly sabotage the group, as was shown in the final four challenge, where she removed thousands of dollars from the challenge right in front of her partner’s face.

Kesi also had to navigate through emerging alliances, like the partnership between Avori and Pranav Patel. As The Mole contestants kept being eliminated, it only got more difficult to fake out the others, as there were fewer people to watch out for. Kesi’s strategy to turn it up a notch in the final hour was risky but clearly effective. By the end of the season, only one contestant guessed her as the mole on the final quiz. The fact that she was able to trick Joi Schweitzer, the runner-up of The Mole season 1, was quite impressive.

Even in The Mole season 1 finale, when all the eliminated contestants returned, they weren’t all convinced that Kesi was the mole. It just goes to show how cunning Kesi truly was throughout the game. The Mole is similar to other reality shows but completely unique in the way it keeps the audience guessing along with the contestants. Netflix, which is working on a reality show version of Squid Game, revealed on its YouTube channel all the clues that were hidden along the way, such as Kesi’s zip code and height hidden in the challenges. The Mole season 1 was a sensation for reality TV fans. Now audiences will just have to wait to see if Netflix will bring it back for more seasons of deception and fun.

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Source: TV Insider

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