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Kia Drive Wise: All The Key Features, Explained

Kia Drive Wise is the label for the automaker’s advanced driving assistance system that promises a ton of features. Anyone driving a Kia electric or gasoline vehicle soon should be interested in the key features of Drive Wise. With cars becoming more connected to technology, consumers no longer want to buy a specific model mainly because of its excellent handling or cargo space. Instead, they want cars that provide an extra layer of security and assistance on the road. That’s why automakers are actively involved in developing driving safety systems with a suite of functions that make driving less stressful.

Kia’s electrification strategy is admirable, with selling 1.2 million electric vehicles by 2030 being one of its targets. While there are the EV6 and Niro EVs, the South Korean automaker is likely to launch two all-electric models yearly from 2023 and should have a fleet of 14 electric models by 2026. There’s also talk of electric pickups, signaling that market favorites like the Ford F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T may get new competition soon.

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Kia owners have already witnessed the benefits of technology in the Kia Connect App, which allows them to enjoy complete remote control access, receive frequent diagnostic information about the vehicle, and lots more. Regarding driver assistance technology, automakers now ensure that their models offer a handful of the features. However, it should be understood that driver safety technology is constantly being improved and must be used carefully. In addition, cars haven’t been engineered to self-drive, and drivers must never forget this. The Kia Drive Wise is designed to help drivers in four situations, City Driving, Highway Driving, Parking and Backing Up. Drive Wise is highly beneficial for highway driving to park a Kia safely.

Kia owners can use the auto emergency braking technology for city driving, which still means forward collision warning. Equipped with a forward-mounted camera or radar, the Kia can discover likely collisions and engage the brakes to prevent them. During drives in the city, Kia owners also get to access functions like the blind-spot collision avoidance assist/warning and the blind-spot view monitor. Drive Wise also covers highway driving, which offers smart cruise control with stop & go, highway driving assist and the features available in city driving.

Drive Wise also helps Kia owners to navigate parking spaces safely. With a surround-view monitor, drivers get a 360-degree view of their surroundings which increases awareness and confidence when parking. Additional parking features are remote smart parking assist, safe exit warning and blind-spot collision warning. When reversing, collisions usually occur. A parking collision-avoidance assist-reverse function can signal audible and visual alerts if particular objects are in the vehicle’s rear to enhance safety. Also included in the Backing Up package is a rear cross-traffic collision avoidance assist and surround view monitor.

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