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Kim Kardashian Attends Tracee Ellis Ross’ Birthday In Halloween Costume

Kim Kardashian loves Halloween, and The Kardashians star showed off her Mystique costume at Tracee Ellis Ross’ birthday party, only to learn it wasn’t a costume party. Every Halloween, Kim blows fans away with her elaborate Halloween costumes. From Cher to Betty Rubble from The Flintstones, Kim has become a Halloween icon. This year, the reality tv star went as the Marvel character Mystique, who appears in the film series X-Men. Kim was painted blue from head to toe with a bright red wig and glowing green contact lenses. Kim attended a Halloween party and posed for a photo with Diddy, who was dressed as the Joker.

Kim also stopped by Tracee Ellis Ross’ birthday party, and The Kardashians star didn’t seem too upset when she found out it wasn’t a costume party. Kim shared a photo of her and Diana Ross’ daughter on her Instagram story, writing, “that time I showed up to a birthday dinner in full costume when it wasn’t a costume party!” While Kim may have initially been embarrassed, in retrospect, she seems to find it funny. From the picture, Tracee clearly didn’t care at all as she smiled beside her friend, likely finding the mishap funny. Apparently, Kim didn’t check in with Tracee ahead of time to ask what the appropriate attire was. Hopefully, in the future, she won’t make any assumptions.

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Kim wasn’t the only member of her famous family to go all out for Halloween. Kim’s kids dressed up as Aaliyah, Sade, Snoop, and Eazy E. Her daughter North also dressed up as Michael Jackson, wearing his actual “Smooth Criminal” hat, and a day later, she dressed as an Alien. Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker paid homage to Chucky and his bride Tiffany Valentine, while Kendall Jenner went as Jessie from the Toy Story franchise. Kylie Jenner did three costumes, dressing as the Bride of Frankenstein, Elvira, and an Alien slayer.

Fans are finding Kim’s Halloween mishap hilarious. It’s good that Kim knows how to laugh it off too. With such an elaborate costume that likely took hours to put together, she has every right to want to show it off. It seems a little strange Kim wouldn’t check in with Tracee first instead of assuming the birthday dinner was a costume party, but it’s nothing anyone should hold against Kim. Luckily, the star actually did get to attend a costume party as Mystique and admitted that Diddy didn’t break character in his Joker costume all night long.

The Kardashians star also got to celebrate Halloween the following day at her family Halloween party. This party embraced nothing other than costumes, and Kim’s decor was top-notch. She shared some videos on social media of her walking mummies, skeleton trees, and hands coming out of the ground. The decorations prove once again that Kim is the queen of Halloween and will do anything to make the holiday fun for the whole family. Hopefully, Tracee wasn’t too shocked to see Kim’s Marvel-inspired costume walking through the door, but it was certainly a birthday surprise she had never expected.

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Source: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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