Leaders with no agenda fuelling Nigeria’s challenges: Civil Servants

The Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria (ASCSN) has asserted that leadership remains Nigeria’s greatest challenge at 62.

ASCSN President, Tommy Okon, made the assertion in an interview commemorating Nigeria’s 62nd Independence Day.

Mr Okon said the challenges of insecurity, unemployment, economic instability, and religious intolerance, among others, were still trailing the country.

“For us to get the country back on track, the leadership must have the visions to drive her.

“Most people who are clamouring for power do not even have what to do when they get it; that has resulted to bad leadership,” he said.

“Imagine a country, which you used to drive from one place to another without an iota of insecurity; apart from the early 70s where armed robbery was in vogue, and the military took it as a point to kill, even on a firing squad.

“So, if a country is embracing democracy in this 21st century and we cannot use technology to track criminals, it, therefore, means at 62, we have failed our generation, “he said.

According to him, the way forward is for the new generation to bring in a leader who understands the operational dynamics and approach to addressing insecurity.

He said, “The leader must also look at giving back to the society what is desirous of it.

“At 62, the youth must rise up; take back their country; we should look for young people who have the skills and energy; Nigeria at 62 should think outside the box.”


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