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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly spark controversy with their ‘infidel’ outfits

Kelly machine gun And the Megan Fox Share photos of him and her provocative Halloween costumes Instagram On Sunday, angering hundreds Christians.

Fox was led by Kelly, who was dressed as a priest and wore red and black robes. Fox also wore fishing nets and black PVC underwear.

Christians who saw the photo were outraged and accused the couple of mocking Christianity. One described the exhibition as “disgusting and disgusting”.

Fox uploaded a series of photos of the couple getting dressed and captioned, “On Sundays we take company.” The uploads also included a movie of Kelly giving the woman what appeared to be sacred bread. One angry critic wrote, “What the hell is wrong with you.

Another person said: “It is not acceptable, one should not make fun of someone else’s religion.” Humiliating and embarrassing things people do for social media, says a third opinion.

In the photos, Meghan appeared seductively sitting on the floor with a leash tied around her neck while wearing wet-look black underwear, fishnets and a dog collar. Fox obtained a chip from Machine Gun Kelly, who was dressed as a priest.

Christians are really annoyed with fashion

After the couple appeared on Halloween, their supporters were quick to comment, claiming that their sexual act was a “mockery” of the faith.

An angry Christian said, “What happened to the cultural appropriation? Why is it wrong to wear an Indian dress but it is good to make fun of the Catholic faith?”

Another said, “It’s so abhorrent and insulting and I’m sick of double standards.” Another said, “Why do all your celebrities laugh at Christianity? What’s the agenda? Why do you hate God so much? I think Satan is real.”

Megan and MGK have arrived at Fez Morgan Party in West Hollywood on Saturday while they were dressed in their controversial costumes.

In the spring of 2020, Megan and her future husband participated in the tournament Midnight at Switchgrass In 2019 I started dating.

The couple, who enjoy publicly showing affection, announced their engagement in January. MGK never married, but he and his ex-girlfriend Emma Cannon Sharing the parenting of their 13-year-old daughter, Casey.

While everything is going on, Megan is the mother of three children she had with her ex-husband Brian Austin Green: Noah, 10, Bodhi, 8, and Journey, 6.


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