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Modern Warfare’s Best Maps – Is your favorite Call of Duty battlefield far away? | Games | entertainment

With hundreds of maps famous for making Modern Warfare such a blast, and with the recent launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on PlayStation, Xbox and PC, Express Online has teamed up with Activision to bring you a list of the best modern games. Warfare 2 maps from the long history of Call of Duty. From Rust to Terminal, Crash to Shoothouse, does your favorite map make the list?

Station – MWII (2009)

This medium-sized multiplayer map is full of baggage and bars – your classic airport layout. But remember that the plane is the safest place because it is well protected from any air threat.

Checkpoints and security barriers give the map a maze-like feel, and besides the interior, it provides a well-balanced map for close and mid-range combat with the different areas indoors and out.

Terminal caters to every weapon, kill streak, and gameplay – making it a classic fan-favorite.

Crash – MWI (2007)

Crash is a relatively small multiplayer map with some great sniping points, due to the variety of heights between large open spaces and high rooftops.

There are plenty of dark areas, blind corners, and narrow fairways that encourage players to camp and provide the option for both a free-for-all and fast-paced game as well as team games.

If you are looking forward to playing a classic MW map – look no further and hone your Crash skills.

Mercardo Las Almas – MWII (2022)

A brand new entry on the list is Mercardo Las Almas – with lanes, stalls, and ladders to scope and get dynamic kills, with enemies swarming and spraying guns, this map makes for a fast paced, high-score game.

The map makes it difficult for players to camp and encourages constant movement, allowing for an attack-based approach.

It was a fan favorite after the beta release and seems ready to deliver some amazing games after launch.

Shoothouse – MWII (2019)

Already divided into distinct sections, this mini map dictates intense combat over scattered cover, whether you’re fighting over cargo boxes or junk cars.

The map has a three-lane structure that ensures that the gameplay is tactical and leads to frequent clashes.

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