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‘My Police’ star Emma Corinne talks about working with Harry Styles

Emma Corin and David Dawson share some intimate moments with Harry Styles on ‘Police’. To build that chemistry between the actors, director Michael Grandig introduced the three of them with a more musical approach.

In one of the movie’s scenes, Corinne, Dawson and Styles are drinking at a bar and singing a song. “The first time the three of us got together, he was thrown into a sound booth,” Dawson recalls. “We walked around the piano and had to sing to each other, and that was a really smart way to break the ice.”

“Like a recording studio,” Corin added. “Which is Harry’s natural home, but we were carelessly afraid.”

Corinne, Dawson, and Linus Roach sat for a Q&A session after the show Friday at the IPIC Theater in New York City.

Set in Brighton in 1957, “My Police Police” follows a complex love triangle between closed-door cop Tom Burgess (Stiles), school teacher Marion Taylor (Corin) and curator Patrick Hazelwood (Dawson). The romantic drama, inspired by Bethan Roberts’ novel of the same name, jumps between two time periods: the 1950s and the 1990s.

“We were really lucky to have about three weeks of training before we started shooting, which is very rare,” Corinne said. “And we practiced in groups of three – I think the main reason for that is COVID, actually – but I wonder how it would have been different if we trained with six.”

While the two groups never interacted with each other during rehearsals—except for Zoom calls—Grandage encouraged the actors to have one-on-one virtual conversations with their older/younger counterparts.

“[Grandage] He also liberated us in a way, said Roach, who plays the older Tom, saying, “We’re different people after 40, so don’t worry about trying to imitate your younger partner.” “It was a relief to break free from the person having to imitate Harry Styles.”

Policeman highlights the persecution of homosexuality in England in the 1950s. When asked how he steered the mindset of Patrick the Younger during that era, Dawson said, “I have a very special man to me that I’ve worked with for years, and who has become a close friend of his. He used to tell me a lot of beautiful stories about growing up as a guy like me during this time.”

Dawson also watched the BBC reality drama “Against the Law” and researched “the history of gay bars as safe spaces”.

“It gave me a more real appreciation for what those spaces mean and symbolize, and made me feel incredibly privileged to live now, as a gay man, and have the freedoms and rights that I have – and not take it for granted.”

“My Policeeman” arrives on Prime Video on November 4.

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