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New Marvel Game Coming From EA That Isn't Iron Man Or Black Panther

An ongoing partnership between Electronic Arts and Marvel will result in multiple upcoming superhero games, including one that remains a complete mystery. Back in September EA announced an Iron Man video game, which is being created by Dead Space remake developer Motive Studio. A Black Panther game from EA is also heavily rumored to be in the works, but EA and Marvel apparently have collaborations planned beyond these two titles.

As revealed by Electronic Arts, the publisher’s multi-title collaboration with Marvel will result in the development of at least three different superhero games. One of these projects is Motive Studios’ Iron Man game, which is apparently still early in development. While not officially announced yet, reputable rumors suggest that a Black Panther game from EA will take players to an open-world Wakanda as they become the nation’s newest defender. This leaves at least one collaboration between EA and Marvel a complete mystery for now. Industry insider Jeff Grubb claims that the Black Panther game will follow Iron Man, likely in 2025 or later, while the third project is still very early in development.

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The upcoming Iron Man video game from EA will tell a completely original story set in the Marvel universe that will capture Tony Stark’s complexity and creative genius. The third-person action game will also attempt to immerse players in the iconic Iron Man suit, with Motive’s work on Dead Space granting the team unique experience with flying sci-fi armor. Development of the Iron Man game is reportedly being led by Olivier Proulx, who previously served as a producer on Eidos-Montreal’s quirky superhero adventure Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

While Electronic Arts looks poised to give Iron Man and Black Panther their own video game adaptations, a third superhero will also be getting their own interactive title down the line. A new game from Marvel and EA is unlikely to adapt properties that have recently received popular games, ruling out characters like Spider-Man, Wolverine and the Guardians of the Galaxy. There are still many other popular Marvel heroes with video game potential, though, as proven by past projects like Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and Deadpool. Modern games starring Hulk, Punisher or the X-Men could have huge potential, but EA could also tackle popular heroes without successful games like Daredevil, Doctor Strange or Black Widow.

Fans are no doubt looking forward to EA’s Iron Man and Black Panther games, but a mysterious third project has now been confirmed too. The possibilities for this title are nearly endless, given Marvel’s vast roster of popular heroes and storylines to serve as inspiration. Insiders claim that these games are still many years away, so fans will have to wait before they get any news about what Marvel and Electronic Arts are creating.

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Source: Electronic Arts, Jeff Grubb/Twitter

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