Nigeria crawling at 62 – De Norsemen Kclub

From Magnus Eze, Enugu

An international humanitarian organisation, De Norsemen Kclub International (DNKI) has lamented that Nigeria was still a toddler even at 62 years of independence.

The body noted that the country was not free from the chains of anguish as evidenced in its poor state of the economy, visionless leadership, increasing insecurity and ethnic agitation.

However, the DNKI was gladdened that the cord bending the country had not broken.

In his goodwill message on Nigeria’s 62nd Independence anniversary, the International President of DNKI, Chief Chidi Anokwu, urged Nigerians to use the 2023 elections to reclaim and rebuild the country by casting their votes for national development.

“De Norsemen Kclub International is happy that the country is still one but we are sad that we have not got it right in many facets of our national existence. That is why it looks as if we have independence without freedom.

“It is very unfortunate that we still bear our chains of anguish at this period of our independence as evident in the total collapse of security, leadership, and infrastructure as well as massive looting, and corruption, among others.

“At this period, the citizens are disoriented, and frustration has remained the order of the day. It is noteworthy to state that no nation gets any form of commitment from dishevelled and frustrated citizens.

“De Norsemen Kclub International, as a humanitarian organization, is worried as to where the nation is heading because a man at sixty-two that is still crawling shows that everything is wrong.

“Even as we believe that many things are wrong, we are still hopeful that the end has not come. We, therefore, advise our leaders at all levels to use this anniversary to have a sober reflection and a rethink on how to solve the numerous problems facing the country.

“We also enjoin our fellow citizens to remain steadfast and focused in their struggle to build a prosperous nation.”

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