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Ravens bolsters her defense with Roquan Smith deal

The Baltimore Ravens have traded for Bears midfielder Roquan Smith to bolster their midfield defense and we’re rating the trade for both teams.

This turned out to be one of the most movie-filled NFL trade deadlines we’ve ever seen, and the Chicago Bears and Baltimore Ravens gave us another star-studded deal on Monday. As I mentioned for the first time before Jay Glazer from FOX Sportslinebacker Roquan Smith is heading to Baltimore in a deal.

Chicago was an active seller ahead of the trading deadline as the move was its second largest. The Bears also recently sent Robert Quinn to the Philadelphia Eagles in a deal as well.

Meanwhile, the Ravens are currently number one in the AFC North standings, but are taking a strong step to try to cement their place as a contender.

Roquan Smith trade details: Ravens Bears send two drafts

Here’s a look at how the deal fell apart Adam Schefter from ESPN She details what Baltimore sent to Chicago in return.

crows get

LP Roquan Smith

get bears

2023 second round selection

2023 Fifth Round Selection

That now gives the Bears three draft picks they earned before the trade deadline after they also sent Robert Quinn to Philadelphia for a fourth-round pick.

But how did the two teams perform in this trade? Let’s allocate a score to each institution to determine exactly that.

Ravens Roquan Smith Business Class: Baltimore Takes a Big, Smart Swing

Not all that long ago in 2020, the Ravens used a first-round pick for quarterback Patrick Quinn in the hope that the LSU product could cement the standing quarterback’s place in defense. Although there were flashes, it didn’t quite pay off and the situation remained problematic for this team.

Smith immediately changed his calculus. Not only are Baltimore getting an All-Pro caliber player to fill that void but they’re adding it to the equation with the Queen, which could allow both players to be at their best eventually. This, without a doubt, can help the team achieve new heights on this side of the ball.

It is undoubtedly a win for the Ravens to get a player of this caliber. In terms of the score, though, the fact of the matter is that they have been forced into what they gave up due to Smith being a free agent after this season and the fact that they were somewhat forced into the move by losing a bit. Queen’s first round.

Crow’s degree: B +

Bears Roquan Smith Commercial Grade: Chicago gets a good return for a free pending agent

Despite the fact that we’ve finally started to see Justin Fields display his potential over the past few games, the fact of the matter is that the Bears aren’t a team that will be competing anytime soon with their current roster. As such, it would have been somewhat unwise for a team with salary cap issues to invest heavily in an off-ball fullback, even if he is as talented as Smith, this off season.

Thus, it’s fair to say Smith will almost certainly be going from Chicago after this season as they could start ripping him to the buttons. And now the bears are taking steps to enhance this process to build around the fields in a new system.

Having a Top 64 pick and one more pick for Day 3 is exactly what Chicago needs going forward. They need as many darts as possible to throw at the board to try to gain more talent in the building and find more answers for more jobs going forward. It may not be popular, but this is a victory for the future of bears.

Bears grade: A-

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