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Ravens Trade Roquan Smith from the Bears for blockbuster movies: the best memes and tweets

The Chicago Bears replaced star quarterback Roquan Smith for the Baltimore Ravens, and Twitter had a lot to say about the popular move.

As the NFL Trade deadline approaches, the Chicago Bears are looking to build for the future, and that included the Roquan Smith trade.

According to ESPN’s Adam Shifter, the Bears are trading the former No. 8 overall pick to the Baltimore Ravens in exchange for a second and fifth-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, which brings the Bears. Total draft picks from next April to 9th April.

As expected, Twitter had a lot to say on the matter. Some think it was a good move for Smith to trade in the final year of his rookie contract, while others criticize the Bears for this decision by general manager Ryan Pauls.

The Chicago Bears Roquan Smith trade gave the Baltimore Ravens mixed reactions on social media

Roquan Smith, a former first-round pick from Georgia, played a key role in Chicago’s run to the NFC North Title in 2018. So far this season, Smith has played well, except for Sunday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys. However, the story does not end there.

The Offseason saga will be remembered by many as Smith announced the status of his contract, forcing Ryan Bowles to take a stand many were grumbling about. However, the Poles coped with the situation well and expressed their desire to keep Smith. However, it didn’t pay off, and instead, Smith will play in a different uniform for the rest of the season and most likely the rest of his career.

Through Robert Quinn’s trade, the Bears defense now lacks talented players. Given their performance against the Cowboys, it doesn’t look like things are going to get any better in Chicago. But this team is in the process of rebuilding, and the more capital they can get, the higher their chances of getting better talent in the long run. It wasn’t just a year and being fast in the pan, like Ryan Pace’s tenure was. It’s different.

In the end, trading Roquan Smith, one of the team’s top players, may not seem like a good move at the moment. But if Beers’ plan pays off, they might look at that decision and say it was painful — but the right choice to make.

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